SOLD MBD-1 (warning: benign Rick & Morty content)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by BunchyMutt, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. BunchyMutt

    BunchyMutt Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    Nashville, TN
    wwellllll shoot. This hurts. A few days ago, received this brand new Damnation Audio MBD-1. Yesterday, my partner's computer goes black and an intense burning smell wafts through the house. I know I'm going to regret letting this go.

    One of the best distortions/ODs I've played. Sounds great. Simple but very powerful controls that sound good no matter where you put it. Never farted out, and I hit it with a pretty boosted low B. The Depth control really allows for some amazing evenness across all the strings.

    210 shipped, PayPal or Venmo. Comes with a Damnation Audio pick. I already used the sticker.

    As for the Rick and Morty connection - in previous versions the MBD-1 had "Baltimore, MD, USA, Earth" or "Baltimore, MD, USA, World" or something like that on the bottom. New versions don't have that. So at my request the serial number is C-137, the original(?) dimension of Rick and Morty that was overrun by Cronenbergs.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, when I first plugged it in there were some unexplainable pedal poltergeists. They left peacefully half an hour later, and in my nonstop playing of it in the few days since I got it they have not reappeared. Jeff at Damnation Ghostbusters was responsive and lived up to his reputation as an all around great person with whom to work.

    Possible trade considerations:
    Distortion/OD: Menatone Menawatt, VFE Standout, Malekko Downer
    Reverb: AC Noises AMA, Walrus Audio Fathom
    Tremolo: Matthew Effects the Conductor V2. I'm also looking for a vibrato of some sort.
    Sonic oddities and transformations: Cooper FX Generation Loss (newer the better), Banana Effects Mandala and/or Wormhole, feel free to write with ideas
    Utility/Misc/Smorgasbord: Broughton Parametric EQ, Broughton Resonant LPF, 2 loop switch pedal, something that can be powered by 9V AC 800mA, Cioks DC8/Schizophrenic/Big John/T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr./Voodo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus, feel free to write with ideas

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  2. BunchyMutt

    BunchyMutt Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    Nashville, TN
    On hold
  3. BunchyMutt

    BunchyMutt Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    Nashville, TN
    Aaaand sold
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