Me again, Ohms help

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  1. Right.

    I have recently purchased the following gear:

    Ampeg SVT2 300W head (into 2 or 4ohms)
    Trace Elliot 300W head (into 2 or 4ohms)
    Trace elliot 4x10" cab (8ohms)
    Trace Ellliot 1x15" cab (8ohms)

    At practice yesterday I ran the Trace head into the 4x10" cab at 4ohms... with no appareant problems.

    I want to use the Ampeg head and, ideally, just the 4x10" cab for the time being - am I risking breaking the amp or cab in some way, by running 4ohms into 8ohms?

    cheers dudes...
  2. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I don't know much about tube amps, but I think you're fine as long as you keep the load above what the amp wants. For example if you set the switch to 4 ohms keep the load at or above 4 ohms. You won't get maximum efficiency but at least you won't be breaking anything.
  3. Yeah, what he said, and this: you may even be surprised by a better sound when running a 4 ohms amp with an 8 ohms cab. 'Cause the amp isn't pushed to the max, it'll sound tighter.
  4. thankx chaps that's helped alot!