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  1. Murtz


    Jun 27, 2001
    Well i got it sorted on my own, now i actually got a question about amps :D
    The only thing that they got in norway that im intrested in is a Ampeg SVT-350H head and the 410HE cabinet you reckon this would work me?
    I play metal and prog rock

    The only reasson is that im asking this question is that i have pld ona Ampeg 410HE with an B2 head whice was awsome. and thene somde dodgey trace eliot i didnt like thats about it (norway aint exaclty bass heaven :()

    The only thing they got left beside the ampeg is alot of marshall amps and a few fenders

    P.S sorry about the dodgey language :p

  2. That should work just fine for you. I would try to also find another 8 ohm cabinet, preferably with a 15" or 18" speaker.