Me + kubicki + hartke = serious gas disease and a big puddle of drool

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  1. well, this arvo i decided to go and raid my local store (with no money) only to find a new hartke rig in there
    i tell ya, this is one of the hottest sounding rigs ive played, with the eq off, contour at 12 o'clock and tube and solid state gains at 12'.....was just like a biiiigggg stick of buttah
  2. DaveDeVille

    DaveDeVille ... you talkin' to me ?? Supporting Member

    go for it !!
    i still love my Hartke 4000 amp . i use it mainly for practice , but it just sounds great !!
    have you played any other Hartke models ? the XL series cabinets are top quality , no doubt about it ... :cool:

    G.A.S. , no cure for it , might as well enjoy it !!
  3. nah this is the first hartke rig ive ever played, or come across, and i was ultimately surprised by the price so this sort of amp, $1089aus for the cab and $1300aus for the head....but for my special vip person price i can get the two for $2000aus......but its probably gonna be a while before my amp upgrade since the guitarist in my new band is 'giving' me a quaddie, thats custom made here in aus, was gigged im happy, not contempt though now ive experienced hartke