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Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Cygnusx2112, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Cygnusx2112

    Cygnusx2112 Guest

    Feb 20, 2006
    Hey guys,

    Was wondering if you could check out this video I did and tell me what you guys think! I recorded two Metric songs (Combat Baby & Dead Disco) last night and put it up on youtube. The aspect ratio of the video is pretty bad though because of Divx converter...

    Thanks in advance! :bassist:
  2. Cygnusx2112

    Cygnusx2112 Guest

    Feb 20, 2006
    No one? I was thinking of putting up some Steely Dan, though...that might get a better response or something...I was thinking of Charlie Freak, from the Pretzel Logic record.
  3. sandmangeck


    Jul 2, 2007
    good bass playing.....might have gotten some more responses if you hadnt said that tony levin sucks (king crimson)