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  1. I recently tried out the Boss ME50B multi effects pedal at my local sound control. I was impressed by the simplicity of its use and the range of tones you can get. The wahs and the overdrive/distortion were partiuclarly impressive. However being impressed with the ME50, I set my sights higher. I am now looking at the Boss GT6B. I haven't managed to test it yet but if the ME50B was good then the GT6B must be decent also. All I want to know is if its worth spending and extra £100 on the GT6B. Im not a professional but I will be gigging with my metal band in the near future.
    Replies are much appreciated.
  2. The GT-6B is much more versitle than the 50B. There is much more dialing in involved, but once you get it set right, it usually sounds better than the 50B. If you don't want to mess with it much, go with the 50B. The stock distortions are also a tad better on the 50B. I choose the 6B. Do NOT choose it because of the modeling; all modeling sounds terrible to my ears.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    I would disagree agree with Plain Old Me on
    The GT-6B has more paramtres of choice but the analog sound quality is the same, IMHO. (The GT6-B has a direct digital out but most people would have no use for that.)

    I agree. I have no desire to do amp modelling which the Me-50b does not do.

    This was the 'deal breaker' for me. The GT-6B was too complex to use live.

    The ME-50b is surprisngly easy to use in terms of saving, editing and calling up sounds. The GT-6B is overkill: too much complexity of use is required as overhead for many features that most people will never use.
  4. Thanks guys thats been really helpful. What do you think in terms of sound quality? I researched the Line6 Bass Pod XT for quite a while but wrote it off because of the huge range of effects that I wouldn't use. How would you compare the two boss pedals the Pod XT?
    I appreciate every reply
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    Nov 16, 2004
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    For live gigging, the ME-50B is way easier than the GT-6B or the original POD, but I haven't used the POD XT yet. The sound quality differences between the 2 Boss pedals are negligable, and to my ears, they both sound better than the POD. After trying them all out, I went with the ME-50B, because I felt like the 'extras' the GT-6B had were all geared towards recording, and I don't need amp models to get the exact tone I want in the studio.
  6. The PODs modeling is better, but even so its pretty terrible sounding. Both Bosses sound better to my ears.