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Measuring things

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Suburban, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    I've got a problem measuring thickness. Rather, I have a problem finding this measuring gadget, that was so common when I was young!

    Anybody have a hint on where to find something like the picture, but with a dial indicator for the dimension?
    Please?? :help:
  2. M_A_T_T


    Mar 4, 2004
    I got one just like you show from a place called 'House Of Tools' here in Canada, there's also a place called 'Lee Valley Tools' that has those, those are used particularly for lathe work I think, so most tool outlets should carry them.

    You mean a dail like this?

    Direct Reading Caliper
  3. You can get that along with the 4 other matching caliper tools in a kit from Harbor Freight for under $10 I think.
    Try www.harborfreight.com
  4. I got one like this too, though not as nice from Harbor Freight.
  5. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Hey Lex, that's a cute thing, never saw that before! Pity it's graded in thumbwidths ["] instead of megawavelengths [mm].

    Ham, are you saying it's possible to have a dial added to those at Harbor?