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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by cjmodulus, Aug 2, 2019.

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    Jul 15, 2010
    Hi all, so I recently nailed down my array of pedals for the foreseeable future and I just have one last question re: placement before I’m all set with it.
    Current signal chain is:
    Tuner - OC2 - tender Octaver - envelope - compressor - flanger - pork loin - swollen pickle- Meatbox - Tone Hammer

    So according to DOD’s own manual, having the box first in the chain seems to be preferable for bass players, and a lot of the boards I’ve seen on instagram, here, other forums, etc. this seems to be the way a lot of people run it.
    However, being a pretty big fan of Pedals and Effects I came across an article where Juan Alderete runs through how he likes to build his signal chain:
    Juan Alderete's Signal Chain Suggestions |

    And it’s his use of the MB/sound that I really really dig. I’ve had it at the end of my signal for a little while and it’s worked out in that it adds a nice layer of beef but sometimes at the expense of the dry effects coming through (even with the octave/blend knob dialed back a bit).
    I did pick up a TRS cable to experiment with; so I’m thinking that the next layout I’ll try will incorporate that somehow- I’m thinking of running it like:
    Tuner - Meatbox 1 -(dry)- rest of the chain then running the sub to something else. I know in most live settings w PA support I’d be able to send the sub direct to the FOH, but I’m not sure how to beat make use of it in situations where that’s not available.
    If I could find the room on the board I’d consider sending it to a second DI or maybe to a looper or line selector or something. I guess my big question here is, for those of you that do run the Meatbox out front: do you find that having distortion, flange, envelope, fuzz, etc. afterwards negatively impacts the sub when you send it all through as one signal? Thanks a lot in advance everyone!
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