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Mechanics... help me please...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by merlin, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Hmm i posted this on Google groups but no-one replied... maybe they hate Aussies..... they never reply to any of my questions. :( HMMM

    anyway, here is my dilemma:

    I have a commodore VK station wagon and all of a sudden its making this tapping sound. I have had a couple of people look at it and they are not sure what it is. My mate was over and we changed the rocker cover gasket (it was leaking sooo much oil) and gave the whole thing a service with new plugs etc. He couldnt explain what the tapping was. We put in this "anti tapping" fluid when we changed the oil but that made no difference.

    The tapping is consistant and loud. It speeds up when i accelerate but I cannot hear it when i am driving. The mechanic over the road saw us servicing the car and we asked him what the problem of the tapping could be. He listened to the engine (screw driver method on certain spots) and he narrowed it down to around the manifold area behind the carbi, but thats the best he could do on the spot. He removed things like the oil cap and the noise remained the same volume.

    Any suggestions...... And if so... on the cheap side of things!!

    email: zapmagic@hotmail.com

  2. tim4003


    Apr 30, 2002
    Dawsonville , GA
    Hi merlin,
    Your problem could be one of several things. Is this engine a V8, V6, L6 or L4? Can you tell if the noise is coming from around the top of the engine (valve train)?
    Is this engine a "Over Head Cam" engine?
  3. Could be that your timeing/points are off and what you hear is the steady fire of sparkplugs igniting nothing. Or the oil leak lead to more serious problems if it got too low too often. You might have a rod knocking.:(
  4. If it's carbeurated, I'll bet it's also a pushrod engine. If it is thenm y guess would be, in no particular order:

    1. A sticking lifter (definite clicking/tapping type sound) that can disappear at higher rpms.

    2. Rod bearing or wrist pin bushing gone bad (harder more metallic tapping type sound) consistent with oil starvation.

    3. Pooched cam lobe

    4. Broken rocker arm

    5. Collapsed valve spring

    Could be any of these or something else and make a similiar type sound. Some are more serious to the immediate health of the engine than others but none a particularly cheap to repair.
  5. Velocimaniac


    Jun 14, 2002
    Could be a problem with your axle. Our family's honda accord did that. I have no idea what happened underneath the car or why it didn't break, but it did it for a year before we got it fixed. Apparently the axle was tilted/cracked and creating friction on its cracked part with something. I don't remember what it was though, it was a long time ago.
  6. FretNoMore

    FretNoMore * Cooking with GAS *

    Jan 25, 2002
    The frozen north
    There's really no way of knowing, we can all guess, but - you need to take the car to someone who can listen and look at it in person. As far as cost goes, I've yet to do anything in the way of repairs that didn't cost half of what the car's worth... ;)

    Good luck, though.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm going to have it looked at in the next few days. It blows a lot of blue smoke when i first start the car... :(

    But the things you've all said seem consistant and common so that'll help to weedle out which mechanics are pulling my leg.


  8. sounds like oil...
  9. cap


    Aug 8, 2001
    Hickam Hawaii
    Fried your oil rings buddy...i'm thinkin an entire engine overhaul which should also take care of the push rods I was tellin ya about a few days ago

  10. Cap's been a good help. cheers mate. Just for everyone elses viewpoint... this is what i said to Cap earlier today:

    "dont ask man. i have been to two mechanics and had roadside assistance come out and diagnose it.

    cracked head one said, the other said possible but either way i'd still need a new engine

    and the RAA (roadside assistance) said it could possibly be Piston Slap

    but my problem is no money. i NEED this car. if they put in a new engine things like i am leaking oil from my side plates, where the engine joins my transmission, its leaking engine oil"

    This is a bad day.

  11. Merlin Man! Sorry about your auto. It sounds like you got a dying Commodore VK. Who is that made by?
  12. Well friends.... dying or DEAD is the main topic here.

    My mum and i were calling people in the yellow pages for quotes. My mum found the guy i took it to before and he was a great help. He said he couldnt do it but he has a friend who owns a mechanic shop and they'll work something out because i was distressed that the only mode of transport i have that takes me to three places daily.. was inoperable.

    Well it ALMOST didnt make it to the shop. Mum came along for the drive. I got ten minutes into the journey and clouds of blue smoke were billowing from the car, then the acceleration almost cut in half so i was going 40kph most of the way. Mind you the car was ok in the morning, no changes to the tapping, it sat on the drive for 3 hours then when i started it... :(

    I pulled into the shop's driveway/carpark and it died. Just spluttered and stalled. No more to be had from my baby! The mechanics there were already standing there waiting, one goes "no need to pop the bonnent... we could hear you down the road". The mechanic looked under the oil cap... loads of a creamy substance where the water/coolant had mixed with the oil. Checked the dipstick, lumps of the cream. I had no coolant left, it had all drained into the head. I had slammed two pistons through the head and they shattered apparently.

    So now i am up for $1000 to have a reconditioned Black 202 motor put into my car. If i dont do that, i cannot sell it, i have no transport and i am still paying off the $2000 loan i took out for the car.



    Its a Holden Commodore VK 1984.
  13. JimM


    Jan 13, 2000
    Northern California
    I'm no auto-mechanic,but I have worked on appliances for many years.Noises of any kind can be very difficult to track down,to illustrate that,my instructor of many years ago told a story.

    He said his car ran "rough",he took it to the shop,they looked it over,he picked it up and drove it home.Still rough.He took it back,same thing,they couldn't find it.On the way home he pulled over,found a beer can on the side of the road,shoved the can between the tail-pipe and the bumper,no more noise.

    Unfortunately,it sounds like you have a bigger problem than a loose tail-pipe.Hope you get it fixed without too much hassle.I hate car trouble.
  14. OK, here's a solution that we could easily do here in the US but since I don't know about down under, it's a crapshoot:

    Used engines are a big thing here, especially for the imports. With all of the collisions and insurance companies quick on the trigger to total wrecked cars, there are a lot of used engines available. Could you locate one for your car in a junk yard, engine recycler, or via a country wide network? This would assure that the engine would be correct and the installation of a low mileage plant wouldn't be near $1000, especially if it's some simple wiring and the like. You might even be able to help out with the expense from the shop by doing the removal of the old engine yourself. That's easy but dirty work. Then your shop could put the new one in and send you off.

    I know this isn't the greatest idea but it doesn't look like you've got a ton of options left. At least you can drive it to unload it and then look for something more reliable.

    And I don't offer this advice offhand. I'm 44 years old, been doing my own work on cars since I was 15 and have never owned a new car. I've been there before and it's never fun when it happens.
  15. cheers Hambone. Yeah there's a few wreckers here, one place called "U pull it" whereby you have to take it out yourself. But what garauntee do i get? none. If i spend $200 on a motor from a wrecker, how do i know its going to last? Plus if i spend the $1000 on having it done i get 3 months warranty (plus... cause he said he'd do me a favour), and then if i sold it, my ad would be:

    Commodore VK station wagon, white NO rust, air con, automatic, new engine, only 2000 Kms. $1500. As if you wouldnt buy it. lol

    It literally has no rust. i tried looking once and couldnt find it. No dents either.

    I have thought about getting a "wrecked" motor and putting in, lots of people where i study have said that. But i know NOTHING about cars. I have asked one guy if he could put one in if he found it. He said yes. But my car is at the mechanics... means i'd have to pay for a tow and have to tell the mechanics to shove it. hmmm

  16. commodore vk?
    that model uses a black motor.
    Full of troubles.

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