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Meditation and whatnot

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Aaron Saunders, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    I was "chilling" this morning and listening to some of the more relaxed Victor Wooten tracks (Yin Yang and stuff like More Love and Words of Wisdom from A Show of Hands), and it got me very, very relaxed -- especially Thinkin' About That and Words of Wisdom. I'm sitting in a pretty complacement state right now, and pondered some of the philosophy/psychology stuff I'd been reading for a while, etc. I know this is very different from meditation, but it did get me kind of thinking about it and I remembered one TB'er remarking in the substance use thread about how he has achieved euphoric states while meditating, so I thought I'd see who else engages in meditation, and some good books (instructional or philosophical, don't particularly matter to me) to read that involve the subject.
  2. I don't meditate regularly but when things get me down I tend to head off to a quiet place to sit and see where my mind will take me. I've even used similar techniques to get myself pumped for rugby matches. Works well. For me, though, explaining meditation is like dancing to architecture. Hope someone else has some insight. I've forgotten the name of the person who made it famous, but search google for 'deep muscle relaxation'. May not be quite what you're after but it sure as hell works.

  3. I usually meditate whenever I'm stressed, in math, or have a 6 hour staurday detention. Very relaxing after a while, like you're floating. :)
  4. I heard yoga can be just like DMT...
    I'm still not about to put my feet behind my head, though.
  5. *Doesn't meditate enough says:*

    Tai Chi and Ba Gua are great for clearing the mind and relieving some stress, if you can do it. If you have to be thinking "wait...is this where my foot is supposed to be" or something like that, don't use it to relax til you can do it without the worries of doing it right or if you have someone there to help. Tai Chi can be what ever you want, it is the the body awareness and intent that make it tai chi, not if you are doing the 24 form correctly :cool:

    And Ba Gua, if you have someone else across a circle from you and you do the 8 palm changes and walk the circle, feeling teh warmth of your palms and just flowing with it....it's great :)

    Both, while internal martial arts, are deadly and brutal if used in a fighting situation. There is just such power in them. Yes Tai chi, what you usually see old people doing in parks...learn it form a martial artist that shows you the applications, you'll know how mean it can be :smug: Also improves your kung fu :cool:
  6. I meditate 3 times a week at minimum, and more if I'm feeling especially stressed. I couldn't handle life without it. I used to get stressed very easily (I'm only 16!), now I'm grand though. If more people did it, then we probably wouldn't have all the stupid "OMG like i ws totally frens wth ths girl and she stabd me in the bak ***!" threads. :) After a while nothing seems to matter all that much, girls, work etc. It's very helpful, and I wish more people were aware of the advantages. Oh well.
  7. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    I don't "meditate" in the sense that it's a practiced calming art. I do however like to take a few minutes a week and just "veg". Watching sunlight on the floor, or staring out the window. It helps to sort things out, think-through issues, or just idle. I do this with no music or TV. It's called being lazy by the perpetually "motivated class".

    Alot of my co-workers say I am a "calming" presence to them. Heck, I just yap with 'em and eat Milk Duds. :D
  8. I used to meditate all the time when i was a real big hippie . I wouldlnt do the silly poses or anything , but id just sit in my room with my eyes closed and just think and reflect on things without moving and without losing my calm. It was like being neutral and observant on whatever i was thinking about, instead of having an opinion or anything.

    Recently i had alot of girl friends who got creeped out when i did it. But im single now and ive started again , its really relaxed me .
  9. Going to the Gym and playing Bass are definitely my forms of Meditation and Relaxation.
  10. Sonorous


    Oct 1, 2003
    Denton, TX
    Hmm, I think I'm in a constant state of meditation wether I'm trying or not. Dan's post sounds like me all the time.

    "After a while nothing seems to matter all that much, girls, work etc."

    The only problem is I'm the most unmotivated f*** I know.
  11. I don't meditate, but I do pray.
  12. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    Man, last summer, I actually reached a meditative state while playing bass. That was one heck of a feeling. Just amazing.

    Leinad, how did you get started with meditation?
  13. Do you mean how do I start off a normal meditation, or how did I start doing it in the first place? I'll cover both bases. :)

    I was interested in Buddhism a few years ago, and read up on it. I realised the religion wasn't for me, but the meditation I was doing while I was trying out Buddhism was extremely helpful, especially at relieving stress. So I kept that aspect on.

    I meditate through breathing. There are loads of methods, and Google is a great help.

    First of all, I find a nice empty room. Space is your friend, you need to get as much of it in the room as you can. I find it works best at dawn, but that's only if you get up early like me. If you don't normaly get up at dawn, it is best to do it when you're more awake and alert. It is best not to wait too late in the day for meditation, because all the stuff you do during the day will wear your mind, and your concentration won't be as strong. And that's what it's all about, concentration.

    Like I said, I use my breathing to meditate. I simply do this my closing my eyes, sitting with a straight back (very important!) and breathing in deeply, then out. The important thing is what many advanced meditators call mindfulness, which is basically just being aware of what you're doing. How many of us actually know we're breathing most of the time? You have to be aware of the things you do without thinking daily. So when you breathe in, think in your mind "breathing in", and same for going out. After a while you may want to alternate between long and short breaths. That's cool, as long as you realise which you're doing, and are mindful of it.

    There are times when your concentration will wander, thoughts in your head, sounds out side, flickering lights, it will happen a lot of times actually. That is normal, but don't give up! All you have to do when you realise it, is think about the thought that made you lose your concentration, send it off and return to the breathing. Don't just think "Agh, stupid me!" and go straight back, because the thought will be lingering around. You need to imagine it's a balloon, tie a knot in it and send it off, never to trouble you again. :)

    I can only go for an hour or so, but there are people out there who can go for days meditating. I only need an hour though really. After meditation, the calm you feel is amazing. I think it's best to meditate when nobody else is around (which is why I get up at dawn) just so nobody can ruin your calm.

    Holy moly that was a long post. :) Hope some of that rambling helps you!