Medium or high tension Efrano, how does it compared to Garbos ?

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  1. Lemon


    May 9, 2005
    Hi every one,
    would like to try guts, but Im not sure what tension I should order.
    There is light medium and hard on their website.

    Once I was at Nunos in Tichino Switzerland and played his bass.
    He had very thick all plain gut very flexible strings on it for slap style.
    I really like the tone but it was a bit
    to flexible for me. Its a long time since then so I don't remember that well.

    Im more of a pizz player and Im used to regular Garbos.
    Now there is also a light version gof the Garbos, but I never tried that.
    If any one could give me a bit of an idea how tight the high tension Efrano gets would be great.

    Im planning on silver wound E&A and plain D&G.
    A other option would be getting Blue velvets or Garbos for the E&A.

    Thanks Marc
  2. The Efrano high C is untypical in tension to the medium set.
    I haven't ordered high tension Efranos, but I think they would fit to the high C much better than the regular medium tension set.

    Here are my measurements for the medium Efranos.
    It seems the the higher tension that I expect to have about 24 to 25 kg on 105 cm will be a close fit to the regular Garbos.

    Elite (medium)
    105 cm 110.5 cm
    Hoch-C (nackt) 24.3 26.9
    G (nackt) 19.1 21.3
    D (nackt) 17.4 19.4
    A (umwickelt) 21.8 24.5
    E (umwickelt) 22 24.2
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  3. Lemon


    May 9, 2005
    Hello Double Midi, thanks for the help.
    My bass is a about 120 years old flatback and is about 103 cm.
    On a shorter scale it would be bit less kg I guess.
    Do you think the high tensions will feel still less stiff than Garbos (a bit more flexible) ?
    Is the is the silver winding making it stiff like Garbos.

    will these fit on the grooves in the bridge and the nut for Garbos or do I need to cut it wider ?

    I really liked the flexible feel and the sound,
    although Nunos E was almost like a rubber rope.
    To try and see how that works out, I dint want to spend 500+ bucks.
    Thanks :)
  4. For your scale it's about 3.8% less tension than for 105 cm. but for both types of string, of course.

    The silver windings make the strings a bit stiff, the E more than the A. No problem for bowing, but the pizz sustain gets rather short. For pizz only the medium G and D mix well with Innovation Silver Slaps A and E. The heavier Efranos might fit better to Super Silvers, but this is just guessing. Bowing the Silver Slaps is possible with some rosin on the string, but not very nice. Nothing useable for classical solo or orchestra.
    The heavier Efranos might work with downtuned Evah Pirazzi Solos or with Innovation Braided E and A for arco and pizz.
    I haven't measured the diameter of the Efranos, but I think you can find them on the Efrano website.
  5. Lemon


    May 9, 2005
    Ok, sounds like Silverslaps rather than Garbos :)
  6. Silver Slaps for the medium Efranos, Super Silvers for the higher tension Efranos.
    The Silver Slap E has about the the tension of a Garbo, but the A is weaker, so at least the Super Silver A, the E too if you want a bit more power on the E.
  7. Lemon


    May 9, 2005
    Ok super =)
    Then the Setup can be lower =)
  8. Lemon


    May 9, 2005
    Ok and if I want to go all gut,
    is the Lenzner Supersolo Jazz 3/4 something ?