SOLD Medium Scale Fender CIJ Fretless Jazz-Even Lower Price

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    All 3 off to new homes - thanks TB!

    Why the madness? I just came home from an unexpected hospital stay and so have health/life stuff happening...playing exclusively short scale for the foreseeable future, and also looking at college tuition & other family expenses on the horizon. Edit: heartfelt thanks to all for the well wishes, I’m recovering nicely and (sigh) back at work as of 6/14.

    Other details: I will split actual shipping to the ConUS destination of your choice and if you’re international we can talk over options. Instruments will arrive in a decent but unspectacular gig bag, packed safely and insured for purchase price. I have a high end polyfoam case that will fit either of the Drakes and will pack in that for an additional $100. Pics (not the greatest, sorry) follow, I’ll add more and better ones as I’m able. Please message me with questions, requests for more info, etc., and I will post to this thread as well as answer you directly. No trade interests at this time. Thanks TB.

    Fender CIJ (I think? It came from Japan in any case) 32” medium scale fretless Jazz, sunburst and lined rosewood fretboard. It’s mostly in excellent condition HOWEVER I was checking it over yesterday and discovered a ding on the lower body edge, it’s noticeable and you can feel a slight indentation. It’s stable, however, and only visible if you’re looking up from below. I’ve added a closeup (it’s just the two whitish marks, not the reflection of couch cushions or my shirt, so hard to photograph black!) and lowered the price even further to acknowledge its in slightly less than perfect shape. There's been lots of discussion on scale length and sound/feel, especially as it pertains to fretless electrics. My experience with this and other medium scales has been that the reduced tension makes it easier to "fake upright" while still having the "mwah" option on tap...your mileage may vary of course. Stock except for bridge which has been upgraded to a Hipshot A for better intonation/sustain and easy string swaps - original will ship with the instrument. Figuring on the maple neck & headstock is amazing. Currently wearing TI Jazz Flats, action is set ultra low but of course can be adjusted to your taste. $850 $785 $750, will split actual shipping costs - an even LOWER cost option, swap out to original bridge strung with D’Addario Half Rounds: $685 and split shipping.

    I tracked down a more thorough description for the Drake 5 string. Quote from Andrew’s website follows:

    “The neck is crafted from 3 pieces of Jatoba wood with Wenge stringers. Jatoba is very hard wood that has the look and color of Mahogany. The 24 fret (plus zero fret), 33 inch scale, fret board is made from high grade Indian Rosewood with side dots only. The peghead is capped with Black Limba cut from the body top on the front, and Mahogany for the back side. Inside, the neck has a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber stabilization rods to keep the neck where it needs to be. The bass was constructed in 2013 so the neck has seasoned well and is very stable.
    The body is a chambered Mahogany back topped with a Black Limba top. I cut several pieces of the Black Limba and laminated them together to make a decorative top. Between the top and back I have laminated a pinstripe of dark wood to add some contrast to the woods.
    The electronics package consists of EMG 40P and 40J soapbars with a BTS (bass/treble boost cut) EQ in a 9 volt configuration. Battery life is quite long if the player unplugs at the bass when not in use.
    Hipshot B style, string through the body, bridge and Ultra-lite tuners, with Dunlop straplocks complete the hardware selection.
    The body is finished in urethane based oil as well is the neck and peghead.
    1 7/8 inch wide at the nut and 2 3/4 inch at the highest fret. .699 spacing at the bridge. Medium neck profile with a C shape starting at the nut and gradually evolving to a D shape at the body. Excellent fret work and rolled edges of the fret board for comfort. 8.7 lbs."

    Andrew shaved down the neck for me a bit, he assured me it wouldn’t compromise its strength and now it’s much quicker and easier to move around on. I upgraded to a 3 band EMG system at one point but hardly ever used the mid control; I have restored the electronics to 2 band in order to cut the price a bit more. Controls are all single knobs, V/V/B/T. If you want to have the additional modules we can talk, just let me know. I purchased on this forum several years ago, it was my introduction to Andrew’s (stellar!) work. Currently strung E-C but will hold a low B without issue (nut accomodates either and zero fret means no worries with intonation). $1400 $1250, will split actual shipping costs.

    Drake 4 string 33” scale, ash body, roasted maple neck, lovely koa top with matching headstock, ebony fretboard. Totally custom made from start to finish. I wanted an instrument that could replicate the sound of my '76 Jazz (minus the weight) but also morph to other tonal profiles on demand and Andrew delivered big time. Pickups are Nordstrand prototypes, single coils that can do Jazz, ‘51 P, or Darkstar/Ibanez Musician with the right volume, balance & EQ settings. Preamp is a Nordstrand 3B-4A, 3 band V/V with a push/pull active/passive switch and a passive tone control and black aluminum knobs with indicator lines. Neck is Jazz width with a zero fret and proportioned to match my favorite Allparts Jazz neck. Hipshot tuners and "A" bridge, string-thru body or top load. Weight: 8 lbs even. $2000 and that’s close to a grand below what I’ve put into it.

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles - I hope all is well!

    These are all great basses! GLWTS!

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    Unexpected hospital stays are never fun. Wishing you a smooth recovery.

    I've been GASing for a 32", MIJ fretless and have never seen one before. Didn't even know they made them. I totally don't have the money for one as I'm just getting back to work following an unexpected surgery myself...

    GLWTS and speedy recovery!
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    Really glad that the 5 string isn't fretless...I'd be in trouble! Sorry to hear about the of luck with everything.
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    I have owned and still own a good number of Drake basses. Seems, in the past 11 years, regardless of what I own or play I always come back to Drake.

    In addition to several others, I have a pair of Drake five strings. They are just super instruments. Craft, fit and finish, ergonomics, specifications are all just wonderful.

    The OP's price on this Drake is just a smokin' deal. If this build was done today, it would easily be a $3,200 + ticket.

    Someone needs to grab this value!

    Best wishes to the OP.

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    Drake 5 sold! Price dropped further on the Fender.
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