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Meet Doug Mancini!

Discussion in 'Barker Bass Forum' started by IotaNet, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. [​IMG]

    Doug Mancini, a seasoned professional from Los Altos, California, began his distinguished career playing the Bay Area club scene from San Francisco to Monterey, and was eventually tapped by an L.A. producer and moved to Southern CA. While there he played L.A. circuit venues such as The Starwood, The Troubador, Roxy, and Whiskey A-Go-Go. Some of Doug's former bands included musicians from Edgar Winter, Montrose, Sammy Hagar and The Allman Brothers. One of those musicians was the incomparable drummer Chuck Ruff, who was a bandmate of Doug's in the band UXB. "Chuck was truly inspiring to play with, aside from being a powerhouse drummer, he knew the meaning of 'Quality over Quantity' ."

    After playing ten years on the L.A.circuit, Doug returned to the Bay Area to relocate in Berkeley, CA., where he performed and recorded with the Rock/World Beat band Unsung Heroes. While in Berkeley, Doug also honed his recording expertise at both Fantasy and Red Rooster studios. After the break-up of Unsung Heroes, Doug decided to move to one of his all time favorite towns, Santa Cruz, CA., where his most identifiable "locked-in-groove" bass can be heard with local blues/rock band "Pearl Alley".

    Doug's reputation as a thoroughly prepared and versatile bassist, has kept him one of the Central Coast's busier bassists. "Always expect the unexpected — be on time, IN time". Doug is also one of Santa Cruz's most requested bass instructors. He's ferociously adamant, as any self-respecting bassist should be, about "The Groove". Doug insists that all his students practice with a metronome, "Without great timing, you might as well leave the bass in the case".

    In April, 2003, Doug was recruited by James Armstrong for a two week stint through five mid-western states, playing at top venues in 10 cities. The tour received warm reviews from critics in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and other cities. Two of those gigs were especially memorable for Doug; "Buddy Guy's Legends", where "the man" himself joined the enthusiastic audience for an evening of Blues, and The Marshall Civic Auditorium, where the band played two sold-out shows.

    Doug is a superb bassist with serious groove. That, along with his creative influences and technique would be an essential fabric to any noteworthy band he chose to be a part of.
  2. "My Brother is a drummer in Central Oregon and he told me about a luthier there who was making an upright bass that might be of interest to me. Bassists are by nature curious, so I needed to find out more. I took time out from my fulltime bass playing and teaching to investigate this "new" instrument.

    A month later I found myself in an Oregon studio with my brother on drums, recording demonstration tracks for the Barker Bass web site. It's a distance from Santa Cruz to Redmond, Oregon but it was worth the effort because of one thing: Tone.

    My mainstay basses are a '58 Precision and a '66 Jazz. Now you know what I'm used to.

    The Barker Bass gets the tone that most high-end boutique bass guitar makers have been striving for. It will be your ears, more than your eyes, that will be saying "WOW" when you hear a Barker Bass in person. Lee has the secret, and it's in the body of the Barker Bass.

    The first thing I want fellow bassists (who are not familiar with upright playing) to know is there is no reason to be intimidated by the upright position of the Barker Bass. My fretting hand felt immediately right at home-I didn't even have to think about it. As far as my right hand, the pedaling, plucking hand, it took me just a minute to adjust the action to suit my taste and I was right at home, like I'd been playing it forever.

    Lee uses the best hardware, bridge and tuners. It's your standard 34" scale neck, fretted or fretless (I play both on the recording), in 4 or 5 string models. Your standard Jazz Bass pickup configuration, three knobs, a volume control for each pickup and a tone control.

    Now here's the difference: Lee's own unique original body design, resting on a stand. Unique and original to look at, right, but to hear, this baby has "The Tone."

    No matter what style of music you play, this bass will do the job, and more. Caress that beautiful body and let her sing.

    It has been an honor to record the first demonstration tracks of the Barker Bass. And thanks to my brother Dean for the introduction."

    To hear the tracks of "The Mancini Sessions", Click here: http://www.barkerbass.com/audio-samples.html
  3. Doug Mancini

    Doug Mancini

    Oct 25, 2005
    Welcome to the Barker Bass "Talk Forum". For all of you out there who take their first look at "The Barker Vertical Bass" and say to yourself, "What's the point". The point is right in front of you, it's in the unique patented Barker "chambered" vertical body design, hence the incomparable Barker "TONE".
    You'll notice that it has your basic Jazz Bass pick-up and control configuration and 34" scale Jazz neck, that's where the similarities end.
    If your looking for a bass built with the highest standards in craftsmanship, uses only the best components and hardware, and most importantly has "THE TONE", look no further, this baby has it. I invite all you skeptics to "bring it on". We've all heard or read the stories of how skeptical many of the acoustic up-right players of the fifties were when Leo Fender introduced the "Precision" Bass in 1951, many of them responded with; "No way man, I'm not going to play one of those", the rest is history. I believe Lee Barker has a truly innovative instrument right here in the "Barker Vertical Bass" and will be making his own musical instrument history. I'll be more than happy to discuss my personal experiences with the Barker Bass with you, or just "bass" in general. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best;
    Doug Mancini
  4. Scwwitt


    Nov 2, 2005
    Santa Cruz
    Hi Doug, I acually got in touch with you a while ago through Lee Barker. I am a bass player from Santa Cruz. I play around a lot in church groups and in a couple of bands. I have been trying to get in touch with you to see if you would be interested in giving lessons! I have had two other bass teachers Mike Millwood, and Daniel D. Lewis. Mike Millwood did not fulfill what I was hoping to be taught. So I left. Daniel D. Lewis, he is a very talented Bass player, I enjoyed him a lot and respect him, he just began to gig around and was not able to make it to some of our scheduled lessons.
    When I was given your name from Lee Barker I got excited that you were from santa Cruz and were a knowlegable player. Please get back to me when you can to tell me if you are open to give lessons. Thanks

  5. Of course all that other stuff about Doug Mancini is true, but no mention of his fabulous hair? The follically challenged among us bow at your magnificence, Doug.
  6. :bag: I'm glad someone else mentioned this b/c I was definitely thinking it!

    I've not met Doug in person yet but we've talked on the phone a few times and obviously, I've seen his pictures. I have to admit, Mr. Mancini is sporting some SERIOUS hair!!! :D :D :D

    I'm impressed!
  7. :bassist: again just wanted to reiterate the title: he's an impressive player versed in many venues of bass & he's a nice person. i think he would likely be an excellent teacher. Birdman
  8. Lee Barker

    Lee Barker Labor of evident value satisfies the soul.

    Oct 25, 2005
    Redmond, Oregon
    owner, Barker Musical Instruments, maker of the Barker Bass, No Longer In Production.
    Just a public thank you, Doug, for coming by the shop this week to drive a couple of the B2s "around the block" and give me your thoughts. As always, you got sounds out of my instruments that that amazed and pleased me.

    I look forward to your candid reactions to the instrument here. With only 6 of them assembled, we're very much in the development stage so any inputs are welcomed. We want it to be the best it can be when we're ready to foist it on an unsuspecting bassplaying public!
  9. Lee Barker

    Lee Barker Labor of evident value satisfies the soul.

    Oct 25, 2005
    Redmond, Oregon
    owner, Barker Musical Instruments, maker of the Barker Bass, No Longer In Production.
    Portraits of intensity.
    Oops, files too big. I'll try again.
  10. Lee Barker

    Lee Barker Labor of evident value satisfies the soul.

    Oct 25, 2005
    Redmond, Oregon
    owner, Barker Musical Instruments, maker of the Barker Bass, No Longer In Production.
    Portraits of intensity
  11. Lee Barker

    Lee Barker Labor of evident value satisfies the soul.

    Oct 25, 2005
    Redmond, Oregon
    owner, Barker Musical Instruments, maker of the Barker Bass, No Longer In Production.
    Linda and I enjoyed a long Sunday afternoon and evening at the new home of Dean and Lisa--Dean Mancini, Doug's brother. It was a Wedding Reception, and what a wonderful day it was. The whole Set of Mancini Siblings was there, along with aunts and uncles, and we got to spend some great time with Doug and Bonnie. There was a long parade of local bands across a really professional stage with a sound guy and, after dark, lights and everything. Dean the drummer has lots of friends in the music world in Central Oregon. Late in the day, Doug and Dean got to lock into some rhythm for a guitar player, and it was great fun. Doug is a monster player with a wonderfully sensitive touch.

    Anyway, not to wax too eloquent, just to say if you ever get a chance in the Santa Cruz area to hear Doug with Blues Cadillac or Pearl Alley, let nothing stand in your way!