Meet Jr.Freeman, and Thank you Sherman Oaks GC!!

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  1. LKdubby


    Nov 2, 2007
    Los Angeles
    After posting This Thread the other day I ended up speaking with Corey Oliver from Traveler Guitars(& basses), who suggested that I get back into GC ASAP and buy the MK-II bass for the $299 price and then ship it to him for repairs under the 3 year warranty which it comes with. He was surprised and seemed happy for me to have found that deal, and explained that they sell the MK-II basses to retailers for $318 and that I was robbing them for anything less than that! He also accurately predicted that GC would not have the case and suggested that if they didn't that I should offer them $280, which is what I did. The manager looked at me and said "I'll tell you what, let me see if I can give it to you at the absolute 'bone' cost possible".

    I ended up walking out the door of the West LA GC with the $500/marked down to $299 MK-II Traveler Bass for $265 instead!!

    Though without any case or accessories..

    Which is where Sherman Oaks GC comes in!
    I was sitting here at home today and it occured to me that I should start calling the other Guitar Center's in the area and see if they might have a case. Hollywood GC did not, but Sherman GC said that they did have a used case and to come on up and get it. I drove all the way up from Culver City, only to find that we had a misunderstanding of which model we were talking about and their actual "Traveler" case ended up not being the right size.. But they told me to hang out for a minute and they would go search for another one now that they had my bass in front of them and knew what size to look for..

    When I initially called S.O.'s GC I tried getting a hold of "theBurgerMeister" from here on TB, but I never spoke with or met him.. Instead I was assisted by manager Pat S. by phone, and Brian L. in person, both were nice people and very helpful and they hooked me up with a great case for my new Travel Bass, for free! It's not an exact fit, but it works quite well enough!

    So, without further ado; Meet Jr. Freeman!!


    I can sling this puppy across my shoulder and take it on a bike ride to the beach and jam out for a couple hours down by the boardwalk! Take it on planes/trains.

    I can get the adapter below (like I mentioned before) and play the bass in my car up at the hill while watching the sunset (which I already do..).
    Headphones to car cassette tape adapter:
    I know some of you might think I'm crazy for suggesting playing my bass through the car stereo system, but stop and think about the possibilities for practice!

    Example1: Watching the sunset from an overlook while sitting in the car. Play some bass while doing it!

    Example2: Go on a trip to Hawaii and get a rental car. Tour the island, find a nice place to stop for lunch and overlook the ocean and play bass in your car for a while. (I've done everything in this example except for the bass part, only because I didn't own one at that time..)

    Example3: Stuck in rush hour traffic? Keep your MK-II handy and work on some new riffs while waiting for traffic to move again! :D

    Example4: Forget all the other examples involving car stereo's and remember that you can also plug regular earphones (using an 1/4" adapter) into this bass and play it anywhere/anytime! (I have Sennheiser phones and they sound great!).

    And last but not least, this thing does sound surprisingly good through my Ampeg BA115! It's more flexible in tone options than I would have thought it would be. It can even sound real punchy, sort of like a hard thud from a kick drum, a sort of powerful boom when you pluck with your fingers.. Those descriptions are just from messing with the built in treble/bass EQ, but when you move your plucking hand around varying between playing over the neck or more towards the bridge it also has some surprising unique tones. Can be really warm and bassy, and also extremely sensitive and bright. I don't know what it sounds like recorded yet.. Recording is not really what I bought it for.. But I might do a bit of recording just to see, and if I do then I'll post a link to a sample..

    Thanks again to West LA GC for honoring the mismarked tag (and then some!), and thanks to Sherman Oaks GC for hooking me up with the case!

    Oh, and I got a little gas while up there at Sherman GC!! I was drooling over the Warwick Stingray, and also really liked the used Cirrus BXP you guys had out on the floor.. REALLY liked the Cirrus BXP... GASSSSSS :rollno:
  2. YCBass


    Aug 29, 2007
    Awesome find Bro, congrats!

    Sure there are a lot of negative things that people say about GC - true, it's not really a place where you can get good advice if you're new to bass/guitar/etc - customer service is a hit or miss - but they can't be beat when it comes to prices. As long as you walk in knowing what you want and price is the only thing to be discussed chances are you'll walk out happy... IME. And maybe I am just lucky or something but more often than not I have found some really cool sales guys there who are a pleasure to deal with.
  3. LKdubby


    Nov 2, 2007
    Los Angeles

    When I first started going up to GC last October I was totally clueless. The only thing I knew for sure at that time beyond a doubt, is that I wanted a bass..

    In the past 7-8 months since my first bass purchase I have learned quite a bit.. A lot of what I know now can be attributed to all the articles that I've read and participated in here on TB.

    Now when I walk into GC I have a completely different attitude than before. I generally know exactly what I'm there for (until I see something new and intriguing and get GAS :D), and have no problems plugging in and testing different basses out at "audible" volume levels no matter who else is around.. Unlike before when I was "too shy" to play in front of people.. I still fumble a bit when playing if someone is paying me close attention, scrutinizing my ability.. Especially if the person watching me looks to be exerienced, but I just tune them out and pay more attention to what I'm doing and keep playing!

    Somewhere in there though I think the sales people stopped seeing "noob/easy sale" written on my face, and now they usually see me testing basses and just leave me alone for the most part and let me do my thing. And not because they don't think I'm going to buy anything because I've already spent several hun up there at their store! They just give me respect/space as a customer!

    I'm probably getting too deep about the dynamics of a retailer/customer relationship here!! That's the Sagittarius in me!
  4. Marcury

    Marcury High and Low

    Aug 19, 2007
    Mid Hudson Valley, NY
    Congratulations! A great story and a great result!

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