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Melbourne Big Day Out 2005

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by f'nar f'nar, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Absolutely fantastic! By far the best day of my life so far. Allow me to run you through it.

    First off, as we arrived, we arrived to a very pumped Frenzal Rhomb (sp?) Who where nuts. I dont like the singer or their music much, but man, they had the crowd and me going like no ones buisness. Their bassist was nuts on his stingray, it had some fantastically fast lines which wherent in the orional songs, which was great.

    Next up came the D4. Never seen or even heard them before, but loved them! They had some great songs, no particularly rivitting basslines, although he was playing a nice thunderbird and he did get some great tones when he could be heard. But the lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist (who both doubled as singers) where nuts and i thouraghly enjoyed them!

    Next came the Donnas, I watched them from the line of the mosh pit (people where already lining up for the next band on that stage). I was angry that they had used digital and special effects in their film clip to disguise the fact that (dispite the rest of the donna's being hot as) that the Bassist was a tad on the pudgy side, but she was a good bassist non the less. She ruined the whole good looking band thing tho as she was wearing a rather revealing and non flattering outfit.

    Up next, eskimo Joe... I only heard these. I was already in the mosh on the stage next to the one EJ where playing on. They played for a seemingly long time and didnt impress me much, there where one or two songs I liked, but yeh, nothing special, their bass was bearly audiable, wich sucked.

    Next... the one i had driven a very long way to see and been waiting in an inactive mosh for over an hour and a half in the blistering sun to see. I'll tell you the events of the inactive mosh first. We met some other die hard fans who promptly decided that rather than leave the already full mosh for a toiled break, they would pee and their emptly gatorade bottles, put the lids on and kick them to the back of the mosh pit. Then, we started singing random songs by the libertines and strokes wile we waited. Then... all time stopped as the walked onto the stage in their fantastically classy white sites and took up their weapons of music. Thats right, the Hives where here. I love the hives! They are by far my fav band. Pelle was hilarious and performed really well! the crowd went wild for every song (especially hate to say i told you so. main offender, DIe Alright and A.K.A.I.D.I.O.T) and was fantastic, the bass was clear and loud and I loved it. THe whole set rocked, everthing was white (including the amps and drum kit!)

    After that we went over to channel V and got on T.V... TWICE! I did a backflip on live telle! It rocked.

    Next up, John Butler trio. Very nice classical guitar and exellent double bass. I love the sound of double basses, especially in JBT because its a main feature of the band. Great in all regards.

    Next up, Slipknot. Not a bass note to be heard, drowned out completely by everything else, including spontanious solo's and very loud drums. They where good, and the crowd went nuts for them, especially during Duality and wait and bleed, which we caught the end of before heading off to...

    The Streets. Not the best gig ive seen. But they where alright, I wish I liked them more. We could barely see them, so i just grooved a little.

    Next up, System of a down. We where halfway between the stage and the grandstand, which made it damn near impossble to tell what they where playing from the echo created by the shape of the stands. So Naturally, not much to report. I did however catch Shop Suey, very good indeed, the bass was nice and clear.

    Powder finger was next, I wish I liked these more too. but we where at the other stage and didnt see them. We heard them, and for once, too much bass. Im used to their songs having a good balance of bass and guitar, but the sound guys must have slipped up somewhere because the bass was even muffling the drums. Summery, decent.

    Finally, The beasty boys. Fantastic in all regards. Funky, good bass (on the songs that had them) and exellent DJ/Turntabling... that guy is nuts. I found myself funking out a lot! They lived up to, and beyond my expectations. Especially finishing on sabotage and including an exellent stage show and lighting/video shows. Thouraghly Enjoyable.

    All in all, the day absolutely rocked!