SOLD Memphis Bass Guitar, MIJ? Late'60's? 25" Scale COOL ! w/bag $160

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    IMG_4580.JPG IMG_4581.JPG IMG_4582.JPG IMG_4583.JPG IMG_4584.JPG IMG_4585.JPG IMG_4586.JPG IMG_4587.JPG This is a Memphis bass with a couple slight modifications to it. First, the pickguard is home built and closely resembles a "HH" Strat Pickguard. I don't think the dimensions/measurements are exact, though.
    Second, the output jack has been relocated to the bottom bout. Turned out pretty good, but it's definitely a home-modified job.
    Having said all that, this little bass is a blast to play. It has an approx. 25" scale, like a strat........even shorter than the Ibanez "Mikro Basses" by a few inches. Neck nut is 1-5/8". All electronics work. Output jack is slightly noisy, but not too bad. volume/tone pots and "bridge-both-neck" selector switch works fine, too. I shimmed one string on the nut because I was getting a bit of a buzz. It cured it. Quite possibly a new set of strings will also cure it.
    Tuners work fine also.
    Weighs approx 7lb 10oz. Nice and stout for a little player.
    Anyway, just a fun little bass that gets no attention here, so I offer it for sale.
    I'll ship it out in a Fender guitar gig bag. Trades? P Bass parts? Lemme know.
    $160 shipped. Hope someone can "use it". PayPal or Cash only. Thanks much. - Lenny
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    And SOLD ! ! Thanks mucho!