Mesa 400 vs. 400+ vs. Ampeg SVT vs. SVT-II

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  1. Mesa 400+

  2. Mesa Bass 400

  3. Ampeg SVT-II

  4. Ampeg Svt (Vintage)

  1. Ok, so i've done lots of research on tube amps and i've decided on four tube amps im choosing from.

    1. Mesa Boogie 400+: Sounds pretty good and most people seem to perfer it over other tube amps. I'm just kinda worried because I wonder if 6L6's will sound good for bass, being guitar tubes and all.

    2. Mesa Boogie 400: I like the sound of this one, because you can interchange 6550 tubes and 6L6 tubes also. Supposedly sounds like an SVT-II when you have in the 6550 tubes, but cleaner and punchier.

    3. Ampeg SVT-II: I have heard this one sounds like the modern SVT-2PRO but is 100x more reliable. I also think this one will go good to match my Ampeg 810 cab.

    4. Ampeg SVT (vintage, Maybe MTI Era?): Classic vitage svt. Not much more to say.

    Out of these four, which one for lets say Glassjaw/ Thrice/ Mars Volta styled music?
  2. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    I like the old SVT best of those - your mileage may vary.