SOLD Mesa 8x10 Bass Cab - 1200w - 4ohm - PDX Oregon

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    I'm selling my 8x10 Mesa bass cab. 1200w @ 4ohm. I've played through it the last couple years, and it's been a performer. So loud.

    You can hear it here in a recording on the last album. This Mesa is on all tracks on the "Magnetic Fields of Radiant Light" album.

    And also hear it live here. Fast forward to about 1:12.

    I had the audio level plate on the back replaced along with a new speaker about a year ago.

    I'm selling it because I'm looking to purchase some new non-musical equipment.

    If any questions, just give me a holler.


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  2. :D
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    Wow. Killer price. Wish i was closer.
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  4. Ha ha, thanks!