SOLD Mesa Bass 400 non+ Verellen Custom Meatsmoke Pre

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    Jun 10, 2015
    Up for sale are two of my best pieces of gear. I have my eye on something big, shiny, and loud. If it sells before these do, I'll probably pull these.

    Mesa Bass 400 (non +): has Mesa power tubes, have never opened it up to look at the preamp tubes but I'm guessing Mesa. Works perfect. Condition: Not a road dog and not a closet queen. Somewhere in the middle. $1100

    Verellen Meatsmoke Pre: Custom ordered model with dual clean channels and tone shift toggles. Folks, if you're not into the MS boost channel (like me) this is the one to have. Use one channel sparkly clean and one med drive. Awesome. Full Disclosure: Had an issue where it quit working last fall but sent it up to Ben and had it repaired no charge, no worries. Condition: Near Mint Trade only towards amp. I just can't bring myself to sell it yet.

    IMG_1644.JPG IMG_1645.JPG IMG_1646.JPG IMG_1647.JPG IMG_1641.JPG IMG_1642.JPG

    Prices include shipping in the cont. 48.
    I accept PayPal.

    Oh, and I'll trade both for a large High-end 200w+ Tube amp/ Power/Slave Unit: Reeves, Hiwatt, Matamp, Orange, SB300 Figured I'd throw that out there. Will throw some $$ on top if need be.

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