For Sale Mesa Boogie Basis M2000

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  1. CJC6

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    Jun 19, 2020
    United States
    Fantastic bass head, perfect for anyone who wants the ability to dial in a nearly infinite amount of Mesa tones. 600 watts, dual preamps that can be used simultaneous and blended, onboard compression, etc, etc. This thing can really do anything you want it to do. Details here: MESA/Boogie®
    These can be a little hard to find, (check verb price) and especially so with the foot pedal, which is included. The head only weighs 28.6lbs and isn’t much larger than a Mesa TT800.
    Two slides for one EQ have broken off. They now act as keys to adjust the EQ on those two slots. It could be fixed, I change the high end rarely and there is a terrible knob on that same channel, so it hasn’t bothered me.
    New this head was over $2100, my original price $750, price dropped to $699 shipped CONUS. I have a Mesa Box designed for this size head with the foam or an old SKB 3 space plastic rack, well packed and boxed.
    I love this bass head, I have just been using my Mesa M9 more lately and there is a bass in the classifieds I have been eyeballing.

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  2. hbarcat

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    I bought one of these in the TB classifieds about 15 years ago and it's my go to amp for my home studio and for most live gigs.

    What @CJC6 said about the M2000 being able to reproduce just about any kind of tone is true. There is an almost unbelieveable amount of control over your tone. There are two separate, blendable preamps (one tube, the other SS), each having shelving EQ, a foot switchable graphic EQ, and variable compression.

    I will never sell mine. I know that if I do, I'll regret it. These amps very rarely come up for sale and I'd probably never find one again for a reasonable price.


    Edit: About 10 years ago I sent my M2000 back to its birthplace at Mesa to be refurbished. They actually did a lot more work than I requested and the price was amazingly low. They even "hot rodded" the amp by updating a circuit.

    I'm not the original owner but the customer service that I got from MB was absolutely top notch.
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  3. gh0st42

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    Oct 25, 2019
    Plus crossover on the effects loop, with a blend control, and can assign the loop to different combinations of the selectable channels, as well as Post or Pre Direct Out...

    Don't have or want to use the footswitch?

    No problem!

    There's 1/4" in jacks for each possible footswitch option so you can run it off a midi controlled switcher, etc instead.

    Insanely versatile flagship in it's day Mesa Boogie Bass Amp.

    Stupidly sold mine about 20 years back, and still regret it!

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