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SOLD Mesa Boogie Buster 2x10 cab, final price drop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Anachronism, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Anachronism

    Anachronism Supporting Member

    Nov 17, 2014
    West Virginia
    For sale is a Mesa/Boogie 2x10 bass cabinet from a Buster combo. The cab is in good condition and the speakers sound fantastic, especially if you like a lot of cutting mids in your tone. The Buster was a great all-tube bass amp by Mesa that is now out of production. The 2x10 Buster wedge combo was a great design on paper, but it was heavy and awkward in practice (though with great tone). Like many Buster owners, I eventually rehoused the amplifier, leaving this 2x10 cab on its own (and much more portable than the combo). After removing the amp, I cut the top of the speaker cab down to size and placed a fresh piece of Baltic birch plywood (leftover from another project) on top. The wheels and luggage handle still work, and the cab balances better on the wheels without the weight of the amplifier.

    I have decided that I prefer other cabs, so this speaker cab is up for sale. It uses EVM Basis speakers and is rated at 8 ohms. As you can see in the pictures, because it was part of a combo it does not have a standard input jack, but instead has a speaker cable meant to plug into the amp. Consequently, unless you place your head right behind the cab, you will need coupler to hook up your speaker cable with the one on the cab, and I will include one by GLS.

    If you have a Buster wedge, this is the only way to get a matched cab, so if you love your Buster combo, this is your chance.

    You can see Mesa’s description of the Buster here: MESA/Boogie®

    I’m now asking $200 plus shipping. Price dropped as low as I'll go before listing this elsewhere. Please someone buy this and keep me from having to use eBay. I’m not really looking for trades in this price range, but you can always offer.

    The cab weighs about 60 pounds, and measures 24.5” wide, 15” high, and 23” deep. Shipping will be via UPS. Local pickup can be arranged with buyers in the area who would like to save on shipping.

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