Mesa Boogie M6 keeps frying!

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    Jul 22, 2013
    I`ve had this Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine for about 4 months now and has fried twice. The first time is because I was running it @ 2 Ohms, but after I had the power chips repaired, it did it again, but this time worse and I was running it @ 4 Ohms. However I did up the fuse to a 20A, could that be the cause? The amp does call for a 10A.
  2. Did you have it repaired by an auth. Mesa repair shop the first time? IIRC Mesa had some updates for the M6 (putting a larger fuse in was NOT one of them). I hope you didn't cause permanent damage to the boards by putting in a larger fuse!
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    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Call Mesa and check the M9 and M6 mega threads.

    I wish to point out that these heads are 2 ohm capable. I've done 2 ohms dozens of times with my Mesa Boogie M9—there is a switch on the back panel. Perhaps you forgot to set it to 2 ohms?

    I fear putting a 20 amp fuse in that head voids the warranty—which BTW was 5 years and transfers to each subsequent owner. Mesa fixed my M9 and retrofitted it twice. The head has performed flawlessly for over a year. I love it.
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    First - changing the fuse rating to something higher than specified is a VERY bad idea!! Its there for a reason, which is to shut the amp down in the event of a short or excess current, etc to prevent any further damage. By changing the fuse to a higher rating, you may have contributed to further damage.

    Now, was the amp repaired here at Mesa or taken to a Mesa Authorized Service Center? If the answer is "no" - then I understand why it failed a second time.

    PLEASE call us here at the factory to check in for repair - we will get you up and running, reliably! Thanks!