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Mesa boogie online dealers?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassdr, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. I'm loking at a Mesa amp and am wondering if anyone knows an online source for a new pulse or walkabout amp? Also, does anyone ever "deal" on them or is list price what you usually end up paying?
  2. incubus2432


    Mar 21, 2002
    Grafton, Ohio
    Mesa "demands" that it's dealers sell at list and are not allowed to deal over the internet (on new Mesa gear). If you want a deal on one look for used or a dealer dropping the Mesa line.

    Good Luck :D
  3. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    There was a used Walkabout at www.coolbasses.com a couple of weeks ago, but I don't know if it is still there.

    I almost bought it, but I went ahead and bought a new one from Guitar Center so I could check it out at a gig before I ordered it online for less. They had the one year same as cash deal going on, and I was going to use my CC at Cool Basses, so it was worth it to me to go ahead with new with their financing.

    The 'new' price is the same everywhere for Mesa, but I did get them to throw in a speaker cable, and a set of TI Powerbass strings, so I feel like I 'won.' :D

    I gotta tell ya--I LOVE this head. I've used it on two gigs, and it's worked amazingly with my Aggie 1x12 cab. And, 13lbs--WOW.
  4. fast slapper

    fast slapper

    Dec 11, 2001
    Fresno, CA
    How does it compare to the Aguilar DB750?
  5. I for one appreciate Mesa's fixed pricing system. It says to me that for them, all their customers are "equal" with no one being considered more "special" or "worthy" than the others. The price is exactly as stated, reasonable and fair. I don't mind haggeling on occasion but it can also be annoying with the wrong salesperson.
  6. Hey Bassmonkee, thanks for the tip! I snagged the one from cool basses for $625, and can't wait to hear it. I too plan to run it to two Aguilar GS 112's. Bet it's killer. Anybody wanna buy an old Trace amp?
  7. Ian Hall

    Ian Hall

    May 31, 2002
    It keeps small dealers from being run over by megastores. You also have high confidence buying new because you know that you can't get ripped by being overcharged. The prices are reasonable for what you get.
  8. I got the walkabout yesterday and hooked it to two Aguilar GS112's. I love the sound and am very happy with it but am still confused by the parametric.

    Anyone have any sample settings other than the ones that come in the manual?
  9. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    Glad you like the setup! I'm using my Walkabout with an Aggie 1x12" and an EA 1x8" that I found used recently. Sounds astounding, and loud. Before I got the EA, I used two GS112s. The sound is THICK. No problem being heard.

    I never really messed with the settings in the manual, honestly. I've been using mine with very sparse EQing. I'll bump the passive mid knob up a bit to about 4, and have only used the parametric to take a little boomyness out of a room.

    Instead of trying to add more of what you like in your sound, try to remove what you don't like. Does that make sense?
  10. The WalkAbout isn't that hard to dial with as long as you remember a couple of things:

    1. It can produce a HUGE tonal palette, more than most amps, so start with the EQ flat i.e. bass and treble at 12 o'clock. The mid should be full counter-clockwise... about 7 o'clock.

    2. Keep the gain set low for clean clear sounds, no higher than 11 o'clock... past 2 o'clock you'll be able to dial in TONS of overdrive grind.

    3. Use the parametric to lower specific frequencies to match the room you'll be playing in... be careful when adding specific frequencies, it's easy to overdo it.

    I really really like my WalkAbout... I'm also using a GS112 and want to add an EA 10 inch or an Acme 10 inch. General concesus at TB is that you shouldn't mix and match cabs. I'd like to hear more about your experience with the EA.
  11. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I've never had any problem mixing cabs. I like the Aggie for it's huge warm tone, and the EA adds presence and clarity. I'm taking them to my steady gig, again, on Thursday, and if I'm as happy this time as I was at the last gig, I'll probably sell my other Aguilar GS112.

    Not only does it sound great, but it looks pretty slick, too. (IMHO, of course) I had some extra corner caps that I got from Aguilar that I put on the bottom of the EA. It now locks in with the Aggie. :cool:

  12. Jon Burnet

    Jon Burnet

    Jan 21, 2001
    Memphis, TN
    hey monkee will you be bringin any of this stuff on sunday?
  13. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    All of it. :D And, my 4 custom Curbows.

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