Mesa boogie power house 2x12, where have you been my whole life!

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  1. after what I just experienced at band practice last night I just had to share with you guys. I've been experimenting with different cab set ups. I run a gk 1001 RB head unit. First I had a 1x15 RBH and a 2x10 RBH both gk cabs. I generally don't mix woofer sizes but the cabs came with the head when I bought it. It sounded pretty good but lacked clarity on the low end. I tried an orange spl2x12, which was very disappointing. I tried an ampeg 8x10 which I liked but just wasn't sitting in the mix well. I really liked the ampeg 6x10 hlf but I couldn't keep clarity on the b string at high volumes. Well yesterday I picked up a Mesa boogie powerhouse 2x12.... Holy poopie this thing is incredible. These 2x12s blow away any cab I've ever played. The sound quality is amazing. The low b string is so clear and punchy I never knew a cab could sound this amazing. Now I want the 4x12 version just so I can shake people's souls out their ears. I have always played 10"s in the past, but never again. 12"s are where it's at brothers, if you want loud earthshaking bass with beautiful tone and clarity and punch even on the low B, Mesa boogie 12"s are what your searching for.
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  2. Mystic Michael

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    Very cool. Glad to hear it. :cool:

    I recently picked up a matched pair of Mesa Powerhouse 1x12 cabs, but haven't fired 'em up just yet. Will be switching off between a GK 700RB-II and an Eden Nemesis RS700, so I'm looking forward to hearing something akin to what you experienced just last night.

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  3. Arthur U. Poon

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    Congrats on your new PH212!

    I run two of them for loud gigs, and as you've experienced, they do most certainly Rock!

    I went with a pair of them in favor of a single PH412 to make load ins/load outs easier.
  4. I play a PH412 and try to praise it as much as I can. Its the best cab I've personally played through, and they're built to withstand the apocalypse.

    I run an SVT into mine and couldnt be any happier with my rig.
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    In 2001, if I recall correctly, I was in the Redwood City music store, Gelb Music, shooting the breeze with Ed Cagnacci in the bass department.

    Two guys walk in carrying a bare wood cabinet about the size of a 410, but loaded with two 12" speakers, mounted diagonally. The 2 guys were from Mesa, and they wanted Ed's reaction to their new "prototype." 'Twas a good cab. Loud and punchy. Clear low-mids.
  6. The important thing to note about Jim's post is that it took two guys to carry the 212 cab into the store.

    Mesa cabs are top shelf, tonally, but they're also some of the heaviest on the market. My Mesa cab weighs 137 lbs. It's all two 60+ geezers want when it has to be moved and mostly sees use as an in-situ rehearsal amp these days. Very much worth the effort though if you're still young and strong.
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    PowerHouse 1000? If so, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it.
  8. Glad you have found what you were looking for.
    While I totally undestand the 'More's Law' thing,
    maybe a second 212 would be a better choice for moving and scalability.
  9. SickAura

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    Dec 8, 2013
    Hey man - congrats - I've been thinking about checking one of these out as I am looking for a 2x12 4 ohm cabinet. How much does it weigh? (I checked the Mesa Web site and it says TBA)
  10. Lync

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    Apr 13, 2004
    Congrats-love those. I was looking at those and the Neox 212 and the Genz came up for a good price. Loving the 212 rig.
  11. SamJ

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    I've recently joined the PowerHouse family myself and test drove the 2x10 as well as 4x10 and 2x10 plus 1x15 (this last one didn't work out as well)...

    I'm hugely happy with the 2x10 tone and have decided to get a 2nd one for effectively the same tone / volume as a 4x10. In a perfect world if have the back and the space in my car for a 2x12 as I think it's voiced perfectly but the size combined with that Ft. Knox Mesa build quality makes that a virtual dream.

    Grats and welcome to the Powerhouse club!
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  12. mikeswals

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    They probably didn't have wheels installed on it yet as he described it was a prototype. I have two of these PH212 cabs, they're 72 lbs, very easy to dead-lift and load. I also have a PH810 which is 178 lbs, yeah a duo load for sure if you have a tall truck or tall stage.
  13. I think your right. Plus it will be nice to have the choice to only bring one cab when appropriate.
  14. FirewalZ


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    12's are the new 10:)....I have a GK 2x12 and it can get way huge.
  15. SamJ

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    in a perfect world, I'd get 2 212's but I just don't have the space to tote those around... anyway, UPS says my Mesa rig should be at my door by the 2nd of Jan!
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  16. chaosMK


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    Congrats. I really enjoyed the PH 212. It's not nearly as much of a backbreaker as the 410. The "player control network" on the back (to control the tweeter etc) is a great feature too and allow you to cover range from vintage to more modern hi-fi.
  17. Semi-necro post revival.

    What are some of the spec's for the Powerhouse 2x12? I don't see much of anything published (other than Mesa's info). I'm interested in rated efficiency/sensitivity, frequency response, etc. Thanks.
  18. 4001

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    Sep 29, 2004
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    I have a stereo rig with two PH212's powered by two GK 700RBII's. I'd put it up against almost anything around.
    I say almost because until I hear anything better, it's the best rig in town.

    Now I just need a band.
  19. I've tried most of the mesa cabs and liked the 212 and 410 together the most. They are voiced very differently and compliment each other well. The 212 has a big round/woody type of vibe and the 410 has deeper tone. Together they sound pretty great. I wouldn't reccomend mixing cabs with most brands but the mesa 212/410 is an exception.
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  20. bump hoping for some info :D