SOLD Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 412 *Update*

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    *Update* Just replaced casters with new ones straight from Mesa. This thing is in excellent condition, and is less than 1/2 the price of new!!

    This cab... is awesome. I HATE listing it, but it just doesn't get the use it should for my current projects. These Mesa Boogie Powerhouse cabs are amazing: great sound and clarity, but can be nasty if you want. Big, big sound. This is the 1200W, 4 ohm version, with the "vintage" look (woven front, rather than metal grille). The cab itself is built as it's own tilt-and-roll dolly, and, frankly, the reason I've kept it so long is that it's actually easier to move than a 4x10 half the size (some of these recent, small coffee house type gigs have been fun watching the sound guy look terrified when I roll it in). It's just super mobile. I would rate it as “excellent” condition - minor scuffs on the slide rails and back kick plate is about the difference between this and a new one!

    This thing is huge, so LOCAL PICK UP ONLY... unless you are within a reasonable drive of Detroit, and we can talk. IMG_0974.jpg
    ED89CB04-03ED-4229-AE09-5B074924DDD9.jpeg IMG_0970 (1).jpg
    ADEA669B-A4BA-48B4-95C0-CB4582EBC09D.jpeg D2B89780-7A7D-46C0-90A8-B133D41DDAFA.jpeg

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  2. Where in Michigan are you located??
  3. Hi - I (and the cab) am in Farmington Hills, a suburb of Detroit
  4. Come to Farmington and try it out bro! It wants to blow up stages with you! :)
  5. This is killing me. From the map on the craigslist add, I literally drive by you on my way to work every day.
  6. 11 Mile and Halstead, easy access from 275!!
  7. I work on Halsted just past 11 mile.

    I actually have an audition tonight, if it goes well, I may have to discuss this further with you.
  8. Welcome to stop by and try it, can DM me if interested. Good luck on the audition!
  9. Come on, Detroit Metro, who’s game for a great cab?! This thing is the real deal!
  10. Sold locally
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