Mesa Boogie V-twin

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    Yeah yeah, I know it's mainly used for guitar, but I used it with my passive basses to good results also. Actives didn't like it too much, but that's not why I bought it. onto the info...

    Mesa Boogie V-twin pre-amp pedal. For those not familiar this is a 3-channel foot switchable pre-amp that can be used on a guiar amp for a clean boost, overdrive, or solo (heavy mesa distortion), directly into a power amp, or direct into mixer/headphones for silent rehearsal or recording. 12at7's pre-amp tubes can be swapped out for one or both of the 12ax7's for tone with less gain if adding warmth to your tone is the route you want to go.

    there's a great you tube video that shows all the versatility of the pre-amp here:

    This pre-amp is in excellent condition and comes with the power supply and all original paper work. The only issue is that the plug is slightly loose but can be fixed relatively easily. The only reason I'm selling is I've found that a POD works better for me getting all the guitar tones I need and I don't care about having Tube guitar tone when I attempt to play guitar, and I need to raise funds for a new fretless!

    asking $350 or best offer + shipping. Please no trades (unless you have an Eden wt-400) or ridiculous low ball offers. credit cards accepted through paypal if you're lucky enough to still be offered credit. :) Heading to ebay this week if it doesn't sell