Mesa Boogie Walkabout 300?

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    Hey guys,

    I tried to do a little research on the Mesa Boogie mpulse Walkabout 300 watt version, but unless I'm Google'ing it wrong and searching the forum for it under a different name , I can't find too much on it. I know it's discontinued, 300 watts, and a couple of tubes in the preamp. Anyone have any reviews on the head? I'm thinking of picking one up. Is 300 watts good enough for medium sized gigs? Versatile head, deep tone? I'd appreciate any input, thanks!
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    There was an MPulse 360, which is basically the Walkabout with some modest design differences. But, while the Walkabout is 300w (@4ohms) there never was a product called the Walkabout 300 per se. So, you are just kind of mixing your Mesa product names up a bit.

    For your other questions, as the poster above suggested, try the Walkabout Megathread.

    great amp, wonderful tone options.

    good luck
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    Yep. Go to the mega thread. However, I will offer that I just can't say enough positive things about that head. It is perfect for me. I haven't met a cabinet yet that didn't get along with it. I have run it with an 8-10, and a micro 1-10, and everything in between. You won't be sorry.
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    I had a Walkabout Scout 12 a couple of years ago. Great little amp. It was always reliable. Mesa support is great also. You call them and you talk directly to a tech without having to go through all the automated voice menus. I sent the head in for a tune up and they upgraded mine to current specs for under $100.