No longer available Mesa Buster Bass 15 Combo

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    From Mesa:

    Meet Buster!
    ...the newest addition to the Mesa Boogie family, and here to reshape the way Bassists think about Tone. Far beyond power and portability, Buster forges a new realm of definition and clarity, where electric bass steps forward....into the commanding role as timekeeper. Instantaneous attack created in the all-tube pre-amp is fed to an ultra-dynamic, super fast tube driver...then on to the all-new 200 watt (6 x 6L6) powerplant that propels the sound with shocking speed and accuracy. Take the dare, put your favorite solid state bass amp up next to Buster......let the passion of an all-tube sermon on the fundamentals baptize you into a deeper appreciation for what bass tone can be.

    Mesa Buster Bass 15 combo w/tweeter:
    • 200 Watts, All Tube, Class A/B Power
    • Assignable 7 Band Graphic EQ
    • Parallel FX Loop w/Mix Level Control
    • 600 Ohm XLR Balanced Out
    • Silent Record Mute Switch
    • 1 Button EQ Footswitch(not included)

    Good condition : scuffs / nicks in tolex, small tear in grill cloth
    Sounds good
    Re-coned EVM 15 (Spiral Reconing)
    Amp functions as it should
    Full Apex matched Tung-sol tube set: 6L6GC STR power tubes / 12ax7 preamp tubes ***purchased 2 extra matched power tubes with set***


    *missing the tube protector bar in rear*

    *pics show no top handle, handle is back on*

    $600 PayPal

    Local sale preferred, Ann Arbor/Detroit/Toledo area

    ***Will ship if necessary***

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