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mesa buster bass 200?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by groovking, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. hi, i need a combo for practice and i really like my current mesa rig, but its much too big to move around frequently just for band practice, or maybe im too old to move it?.....its my gig rig.....im considering the buster bass 2x10 wedge or the 1x15 w/ horn. anyone have one of these. id like to hear your comments, im a little torn between both. any suggestions or great deals around? thanks!
  2. I have a Buster 200 with a single 15", it weighs about 110-120 lbs. I am in decent shape, fairly strong, actually very strong, and I hate moving the thing, it does have rollers on it but I live on a second floor......The sound is incredible, but it is a huge practice amp......I love the thing, and I saw a brand new one on eBay for $795 just this week....I would have bought it if I had the extra cash......
  3. christos..i saw it, looked pretty good considering the best price i got yet on a wedge type 2x10 was 1000......... you know for 795 or whatever it was, i think its a deal also! mmmmmmm?
  4. Please tell me you are the bidder that paid $795 for this......[​IMG]

    this was brand new and sold at 1 bid.....I just bought mine for full price....
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I've got the Buster head version and pair it up with an SWR BigBen (huh?) .
    Killer low tones, but not exactly portable.

    For totin' around, I went with a Pignose B100VH (all tube) head and a SWR 2x10T.
    It ain't a Buster or V4-B, but for practisin', "it'll do, Pig" :p . The Pig also comes in
    a 1x15" combo version. The head is pretty light and I'm guessin' the combo won't
    give ya' too much grief. Also, they're pretty cheap for an all-tube amp.
    The head doesn't have a master gain OR built-in compressor. It pushes
    my 2x10 enough to compete with drums in practice.

    If you're in the Plano (Texas) area...I saw a Buster head at G/C last week for $999.

    Combo http://www.doctormusic.net/pignose/b100.html

    Head http://www.doctormusic.net/pignose/b100vh.html

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. cool pignose! CHRISTOS......it wasnt me! i was on it and ready to bid. i live on the east coast and i estimated the shipping would have to be 50. the seller quoted me @40 bucks, so total would have been@ 845.-860 w/ship..theyre heavy and fairly large. in the other hand i was on the phone with the manager of guitar center, (ready to click and i told him so) he had the same thing on his floor. so i offered him 900. with tax included, i told him to pick his poison and he wined a little, but i just put it on him and told him i was gonna bid. 5 minutes later he called me back and did it. i do buy a ton of stuff from them. .....theyre nearby,.... its new, its now in my living room...now for the test!!!!! christos,..... if you just paid more i dont mean to bumm you out, but i think i just lucked out with the discontinuation of the model and all, plus he knows hell screw me later on something else.....i suspect this was bought once and returned but its in like new condition and it was sold to me as new. just curious......on the back of the head to the bottom is there a plate or something that covers across the tubes, like on the back of an old fender bassman,....i see two mounting blocks, one on each side with a screw hole in each one, i know somethings missing but i dont know what, got a pic of the back of yours? later
  7. You really lucked out because usually when MESA/BOOGIE stuff is discontinued, its value ends up increasing...... and now to you ?, Yes on the bottom of the head there is what appears to be aluminum bar that goes accross the tubes, probably to make it harder to change them.....

    Good Luck with it, I'm sure you will like it.....

  8. christos thanks for the info on the backplate, ill have to call boogie and try to get one. ill be in touch with more questions and comments, i really havent sat down and played it yet, .......hey notduane, how much are those pigs and how much do they weigh? they look so cool!!!
  9. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    From that site I listed (Dr Music), the head is $319 and the combo's $425.
    I can't say what the weight is exactly. I'm guessin' the head's between 20 and
    30lbs. The combo's probably somewhere between 50 and 70lbs. What's nice
    with Dr Music is the ground shippin's free. There's a small sales tax if
    you're orderin' from Illinois.
  10. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    Has anyone actually played one of those Pignose amps? Seems to good to be true.

    I briefly owned a MB Buster 210 combo. I bought it from UGBM for a very good price. I loved the tone, and hated the weight. It was a very unwieldy amp to carry around. That amp is a killer, in too many ways.

    But I had a problem with the amp blowing out the on light. I replaced it several times, to no avail. The week before the light started blowing out, my B15 had caught on fire when I left it on for a little while, so I was very paranoid about not having an on light. So I called UGBM and they took it back, well after the warranty had expired, I might add.

    I would love to find a head version of the Buster, as I loved the tone of the amp. In combo form, though, it is just too dang heavy.
  11. SLAM.........GC in danvers mass has a buster bass 200 head, brand new in stock, its not rackmountable i dont think as it is encased in a diesel type (tone)case,.....and since its discontinued im sure they will talk. i know the management pretty well there if i can be any help. the price tag on it is 999. but as i said they are allowed by mesa to discount it, due to the fact its discontinued. i looked at it and its been there a while and i dont think its been out of the store. they havent lowered it yet but ..they will.,,,maybe even ship. their tel # is 978-777-1950, ask for evan deane, hes my salesperson and im sure he can get it done for you. i been playing this combo a few days now and i love the tone!!!!! and im used to a 400+ rig!! rock on
  12. You can get some Buster heads direct from Mesa Boogie now for $849 - that's what I was quoted.

    They are letting them go for cheaper since they discontinued it.

    I'm waiting until I can find a used head in the $500 range - no money, no honey!

  13. i didnt know they still had the heads available. i know they dont have the combos cause i called my guy at mesa and he had none last week.

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