Mesa D-180 Guitar Thread

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    Anyone use or have experience with their D-180 for guitar? I just wanted to start this thread since there is very little info about it online.

    I think it's a cool guitar amp. You can get some insane clean headroom out of it with some pretty nice sparkle. It's a bit "strong" but seems very "accurate" in terms of pitch and detail and all that.

    Settings like this work well for me:

    Master: 10
    Gain1: 2
    Gain2: 2-3 (volume to taste, gets Loud)
    Treble: 6.5-7
    Mid: 4
    Bass: 7-8
    Graphic: Don't usually need to engage

    The gain can get pretty nasty- coarse, gritty, powerful. The low end part of the gain doesnt break up much (probably nature of the amp since it's a bass amp) while the upper mids can get pretty cutting/blazing. I've tried to get soft/light breakup... it seems to just want to go all out. I havent used the D180 as a "platform" for pedals (ODs, distortion, etc) but I bet it would be legit.

    Please share your thoughts and recordings (if any).
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    Nov 30, 2011
    Note that with the master on 10 the d-180 has a super-special clean mode. You'll notice a funny little thwap sound as you roll the master past 9. If you want to OD then turn the master down just slightly to hear a very different animal.