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Mesa D-180

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by crazybassist601, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. OK....So, I am pretty sure you all know that I have been looking for a rig for a while and always post random stuff asking which you guys prefer, but here it is.

    I am buying a rig based on "nearly" sounds. I am buying a Bergantino 425 because it is "nearly" the sound of an Ampeg sealed cab. I am also buying a Mesa D-180 because it is "nearly" the sound of a 400+.

    Now I go for a decently distorted, dirty, raunchy, tone. I also like a thick low end. How is this head? I havent heard much about it other than it gets pretty overdriven and is kind of like a mesa. What is a good price for it used, and what features does it have. Basically tell me about it.

    I was also wondering, if I had it on a semi dirty tone, and put a Sansamp before it, would it ruin the tube sound?

    The tone I am going for is like Dillinger, Atreyu, BTBAM, Silverstein, and others like that. I just need something dirty.

    Another question...Does the Orange head get nasty and dirty like other heavily overdriven tube amps?
  2. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    I have a low wattage marshall clone amp (amp 30 watts from two EL34s) and I plugged it into both a Bag end S15D and a Bergantino NV610.

    The head sounded noticeably meaner through the Bag End - My guess becuase the 15 has a high rollof and VERY distinct Mids (almost hard at times but GRRRRRREAT for raunchy distortion)
    The Bergie was more refined sounding with the same amp. To me this is good and bad. It's good because the sound becomes more controllable when you're talking about increasing your wattage to the 100+ club and still want power tube overdrive and it sound smooth. It's bad if you are looking for a hard edged sound. But then again - I really dig nasty nasty bass tone (think Motorhead to the squarewave type sounds from Death From Above 1979 to the craziness of Lightning Bolt). My suggestion is to get 4 bag end s15ds and run two Marshall 100W plexi clones OR a rig I've wanted to run for some time would be the 4 S15Ds and a Mesa walkabout on two and a Dr. Z Delta 88 on the other combine with an ABY switch and prepare to kill. Of course all of thes option cost mega bucks. Except for the 4 s15Ds which you can totally get used for under a grand.
  3. Yea, well I dont have major bucks right now. I am definately looking at this D-180, anybody haev any opinions on it?
  4. I liked it, but suddenly flip-flopped & went hi-fi. It's got a lot of overdrive available, & is pretty stinkin' loud(though I never used it on a gig). There are some threads on this head- do a search. I wish I still had it, but I can't justify two fairly pricey heads.
  5. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    It is basically a 400+ that overdrives more easily and lacks clean headroom. If you want more clean headroom, the 400+ used really isn't too much more than a D-180 used. I don't get the "nearly" sounding part though... A Bergie, in my opinion, sounds better than any modern Ampeg cab I have used. As for the Sansamp, I would personally not use one with a tube head. I use a Boss GT-6B with my 400+ and Bergie 610, and while I can get tons of sounds out of it, if you want a pure tube sound (I use bypass to get mine) it is better to leave stuff out of the signal chain.
  6. Ok. Well that is what turned me off of the 400+ is that it is so damn hard to overdive without blowing your ears out. I want something that gets pretty dirty and nasty. How much do these babies go for, I did a search, found some good stuff, I am pretty set, there is one on ebay right now, but I dont know if it is expensive. It has a bid of 550 right now (60 dollar shipping).

    Thanks everyone.
  7. joetiii


    Oct 27, 2002
    Just picked up a D180 myself and love what it does. The master volume needs to be turned up to 10 to get a clean tube sound. The loudness really is controlled by the respective channel input volume controls. When I turn down the master to 9 I get a warm overdriven sound. The master reduces the plate voltage to the power tubes. Turning down below 9 gets fuzzier and more compressed sounding. It sounds similar to turning the drive up on your sanamp. In the d180's case, the loudness level goes down so actually, you must turn up the channels volume to keep same loudness. You definitely don't need a sansamp with this. Check out the owners manual on Mesa's site. Another cool thing is plugging into channel 1 which is the guitar channel. That feeds directly into ch 2 ..... so now you get three volume controls to play with. Way cool amp
  8. Yea, I got the worst GAS in the world right now. It sounds perfect for me. It may not be the most expensive amp with the most tubes, but it sounds overdriven, looks nasty, and bites like a mother. I want one, this one on ebay is tempting me, ill watch it until a few hours before it closes (in like 4 days).