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  1. QuickGloves175


    Mar 6, 2014
    So, I have a Mesa D800 and Eden d410 xlt. I was debating getting rid of the Eden for something smaller and lighter, but when I took it to a practice last week it sounded fantastic. Attached is a photo with my settings on the amp. (4ohm setting on back.) I was playing a PRS Kestrel 4 with jazz pickups straight in, both pickups all the way up or with a slight cut on the neck, around 70% up. No compressor, finger plucking and metal/thrash. It was in a large garage, probably 20x40 or larger, no padding or anything to break up the space other than a staircase. Very easy place for sound to get lost or muddy in. Full drum set, fairly loud guitars and singer/screamer going through a full range PA. Once I got everything set and volume adjusted, we got through the run through of the first song and everyone stopped and looked at me and then at the amp/cab and were like dang! Afterwards everybody said the rig sounded great. I ordered a Subway 1x15 but am skeptical if it can keep up in that situation by itself without getting too muddy or blowing out the speaker but will probably keep the Eden there and practice at home on the 1x15 until I am able to get another 1x15. I'm hoping that 2 of the 1x15s will be adequate for loud practices and medium sized gigs with no FOH support for the bass. However, if needed I know that the Eden and d800 are plenty of firepower (and weight, unfortunately.) I watched the amp for the first few minutes as I got my tone and volume set, but as far as I could tell the clip light never came on and the d800 made it through about 2 hours of very fast playing and filled the room out very nicely. There were a few spectators hanging out and their eyebrows went up when they heard how the bass was sitting in the mix. The drummer said it was easy to follow along with me because he could actually hear the bass and what it was doing. Even the singer stopped in between songs and told me I sounded great! That's how you know the bass rig is solid.

    P.S. can anybody comment on the d800 with 2 1x15 Subway cabs? Volume, clarity, and headroom? I've played through a single at a local music store but not a pair.

  2. mmbongo

    mmbongo I have too many basses. Supporting Member

    I'd be shocked if a pair of Subway 115's didn't easily outperform the Eden cabinet that you have. Speaker technology has evolved quite a bit since those Edens were made, and the Subway cabs are at the top of the heap of modern designs.
  3. QuickGloves175


    Mar 6, 2014
  4. mmbongo

    mmbongo I have too many basses. Supporting Member

    Well everybody has a different requirement for 'loud', but I do most of our bar gigs with single Subway 115 and we are a loud rock band with no PA support for bass.
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  5. Al Kraft

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    May 2, 2016
    Northern Virginia
    While I'm not sure my SW115 could sound bigger or louder than a D410XLT, you might be very surprised at how well it compares. IMO a SW112/115 or two SW115's would be easily in the same ballpark in the big and loud department as the Eden. FWIW I used to own SWR and Eden cabs and still think highly of them - this newer gear is just flat out impressive.
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  6. QuickGloves175


    Mar 6, 2014
    The 1x15 arrived today! I haven't cranked it up (too) loud yet but it sounded pretty great as I played with pickup volume settings and a Barber Tone Press compressor to even out the response a bit. First impressions are WOW, still fast and articulate at volumes louder than most people appreciate for in-store demos. It definitely has a thick, strong sound and likes to be played loud. Not too dark if you know how to EQ the head and blend pickups. It sounded alright at bedroom levels but it really opened up when being pushed a little (something to be said of getting some actual speaker excursion.) Also, to my ears it seems like once it gets into that full, fat power range it will sit nicely in a mix and probably won't need to work as hard to cut through and be heard in live settings. I'd describe it as a very forward sound, as far as the way it projects. I had an Ampeg BA115t first starting out and it was the complete opposite. Sounded amazing at bedroom levels but got way too muddy at higher volumes and at band practices and shows seemed like the notes were chasing the beat of the drums instead of being able to pound along with them. I will definitely recommend the subway to anyone who has had subpar experiences with other 1x15 cabinets, these are in a league of their own!
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