Mesa D800 vs other options - Peavey Minimax, Genzler?

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  1. ok I have a question that I know I need to answer myself - but tough as I live far from any legit music stores. My problem is my inability to try gear before I buy...

    Anyways - my current rig is Peavey Foundation 5 basses (VFL, passive pickups) into a Hartke Bass Attack pedal, into a Carvin Bx500 and Carvin BRX10.2 cab. So, my ideal tone is "slightly aggressive jazz, ballsy, with some thump and midrange punch'. Playing in two bands - both are getting busier, which is leading to opportunities (equirement!)to add a second amp rig, relegating the BX500 to backup/practice amp status. I like the BX -but the tone is sterile (hence the Bass Attack). Music is classic rock to modern country, some pop thrown in. I'm very interested in the Mesa D800 - based on what I'm reading here, again, no chance to try one out personally. I guess my question is - does the TB expert group here have any other amps to suggest that may fit into my desired tone/music style needs? I've read a lot of good on the Peavey Minimax - is that amp any kind of comparison to the D800? How about the Genzler offerings? How about cabs? I love my BRX - but I also like the idea of a 2x12 cabinet. Is my answer to just suck it up and save up the money for the D800 and 2 -1x12 Mesa cabs, or are there other options that may get me there? I'd also love to lose the Bass Attack - I'd really like to be able to go direct from bass to amp....

    Big questions - thanks in advance for any guidance!!!
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    D800 + 1-15 + 1-12 would be my suggestion. The Peavey is a lot of bang for the buck, but hard to beat the warranty and support of Mesa. I regularly gig the 1-12 Mesa cab but guys gush over the 1-15 so I'll likely add one at some point ( I also have an AK H1203).
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  4. mmbongo

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    Mesa D800.

    The Genzler amps are fantastic as well, but it's hard to beat Mesa's warranty and support, and they are made in the USA. I've read too many bad things about the Peaveys, so I wouldn't consider them.

    As luck would have it, I have the Mesa D800 and a Carvin BX500 is my backup/practice amp. I have the Mesa Subway DI pedal that I run with the Carvin and that improves it 100 fold. So unless you need the extra power, you might just try the DI Pedal into your Carvin first then upgrade to the Subway amp later.
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  5. keto


    Mar 3, 2016
    I have both a D800 and a PV MiniMega. I like both but mostly use the Mesa.
    -Mesa DI is a little better
    -the PV has a little flatter and more flexible EQ
    -both capable of delivering very big punchy low end, for pure real PUNCH, slight advantage PV
    -the Subway cabs 12&15 are great, crazy loud, and perfectly voiced for the D800, as well as being very light and easy to carry
    -D800 is smaller & lighter than the PV
    -both take OD distortion and fuzz pedals well
    -there have been a few reports of failures with PV, much lesser with the Mesas. I've had no problems with either.

    Money being no object, I'd probably get the D800+. The 12s are light in low end, get a 12&15. Many use the 15 stand alone, including me, and it gets raves.
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  6. 5544


    Dec 1, 2015
    I want to live by the philosophy "buy once, cry one" when it comes to buying the right gear however...

    EBS Reidmar Bass Amp Head, EBS Classic-112CL Cabinet and MXR 10-Band EQ is 1007- Euro.

    While it may not be as powerful as the Mesa Boogie rig, I cannot justify 2335- Euro (D800+ 1290- / 1x12 1045-). The same MB rig would cost 1478- US Dollars (D800+ 799- / 1x12 679-) if I was in the USA.
  7. Ryan L.

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    Genzler MG800 and an MG212T cab. I play a lot of the same types and of music in my band (classic rock, pop, country, new country). Great clarity, loud if needed, very versatile.

    I owned a D800 briefly, but it just didn't do it for me. Although, the D800+ would probably have hit the mark much better, for what I want in an amp head.
  8. Peavey MiniMega and a PVH 212.
  9. burk48237

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    I'm running a D800 and I'm in tone heaven. Punchy, lots of girth, warm, and high end when you need it. But I've heard lots of good about the Genzler. I would take either over the Mini-max. Did you read the Bass Gear test of the Minimega, it had thrermal shut down during the 4 ohm power rating test? I think Peavy makes some great stuff for the money, but I just don't see the quality I see with Mesa or Genzler.

    The other one I'd consider would be the Quilter. It's the real deal perhaps the cleanest Class D I've heard.
  10. neptoon


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    are you looking to add another carvin brx 10.2? I have a pair of the 4 ohm models, and they sound good...if you run a 4 ohm cab, and go with a second one, the added benefit that the Mesa brings is that it runs at 2 ohms...of course, that's a wash if you're getting new cabs, as well...just a thought

    I am thinking the same thing, only my rig is plenty powerful (two 10.2 cabs and an Eden wt-800c), but that Mesa 800+ looks so good to me
  11. I actually am thinking of adding another BRX cab -so yes the 2 ohm capability is big. Think my plan is to save up for the D800+, run it with Carvin cab(s), then upgrade cabs to the mesa as needed. Thanks for all the advice TB!!
  12. Agosix

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    A Quilter BB 800
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  13. MyMusic


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    I just got rid of a Carvin BX500 and 2 BRX10.2NEO cabs for the Mesa D800 and 2 1x15's. The Carvin gear served me well for 7 yrs. so nothing to say negative about the gear. I tried the 800 with the Carvin cabs and it worked very well. The thing that I noticed was that it was much easier to dial in a sweet tone in seconds rather than minutes. Something else to think of is to get the Subway Bass DI-Preamp and run that through the BX500.
  14. If I were to start over and build a rig right now I would start with the cabs(and devote the better portion of my budget to it)..I have learned over the years that the cabs have a bigger impact on tone than the head..your Carvin head would, no doubt,sound like a different animal through a good quality cab(probably to the point where you wouldn't need the Hartke pedal)..Mesa and Genzler make some fine cabs, as do a bunch of others..but I would get a great cab first and worry about the head later..
    to answer your question about heads..I would go with Mesa and always will..the customer service and warranty is second to none. not to mention the power, tone and ease of use..
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