SOLD Mesa Diesel 1x15" cab, EV15L needs recone

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    Cab is in decent shape, has some scars and nicks in the covering, but structurally solid. The speaker works, but there's a trifurcate tear in the cone, too much for the old nail polish trick. The recone kit looks to be about $70 if you're up for some DIY. Great, throaty tone when at 100%, and the 15L has surprisingly nice high end on top of the kicking mids.

    Would trade for a Gallien-Krueger 408LGS 4x8" cab in the unlikely event that you actually have one and want to trade it, but would prefer cash. Looking at semi-local (NW GA/Atlanta) only right now due to size/weight, but if you really want me to ship it, I'll get you a quote.

    Thanks for looking!

    20160825_141901.jpg 20160825_141911.jpg 20160825_141926.jpg
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    whats the size & weight of that bad boy?
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  3. ~23x19x17, I'd say around 60-65 lbs.
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