MESA guys Please help: Mesa BB750 vs. 400+ ???

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    I need an amp to play in a new band -- They have a heavy rock, metal, alternative sound. I have a Fender Jbass and brought it down to GC & played through a Mesa BB750 & Phouse1000 cab--I LOVED it!! They didn't have a 400+, so I'm looking for some input from you guys who've played both. Any help deciding between the 2 of these amps.
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    Aug 24, 2003
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    For me, an all tube amp will almost ALWAYS win over a hybrid or solid state.
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    but have you played these two? :eyebrow:
  4. I'll most likely get flamed for this, but here goes: I very much dislike all-tube bass amps. In fact, the only two types I've ever enjoyed listening to are Stuart Zender's all-tube Trace Elliot rig, and Flea's Mesa/Boogie tube amp, back in the days of Blood Sugar Sex Magik (I think it was the Buster Bass 200; not sure). To me, any other tube amp, Ampeg SVT (vintage or not) and Sunn 300T included, sound like mud. No definition of notes, and just not a fast enough response when slapping or picking very quickly.

    I've played the BB750, but not in a gig setting, and without the footswitch, so I don't know what the overdrive sounds like. I'm told, though, that the Big Block gives an even fatter sound than the M-Pulse 600, which is already an amazing-sounding and versatile amp. This fattness, however, is backed by serious responsiveness. Play as fast as you want, you'll hear every note cut right through the mix. In fact, last night, I played at the Niagara Metal Dimebag Darrell tribute show in Niagara Falls, Canada, through an M-Pulse 600 Venture 2x10" combo, with an Eden 210, and it absolutely slayed. Positive comments abound on the tone that came out of this amp.

    On the other hand, one of the positive comments I've heard about the 400+ was from Frankie Poullain (sp?), formerly of The Darkness. He mentioned that he used to use an Ampeg SVT-II, and switched to the 400+ specifically because of the greater perceived power that it put out, and the fact that it was a lot punchier than the SVT-II. Interpret that comment as you will.

    So, in answer to your question, not having heard a 400+, I personally would go for the BB750 at this point, but I would definitely like to hear the 400+ before making a decision. Rent both and put them through their paces for a couple of days before committing.

    Hope that helps!

  5. jbird

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Thanks for the input.
    How & where do you rent an amp???
    I'm fairly new to playing & never heard of that, unless you're referring to buying one at GC and just returning it within 30 days?
  6. My buddy endorses Boogie amps and cabs, and he has a 400+ with two 2x15 cabs, and a Walkabout with a single 15 (actually he has two single 15's). Anyway, when the BB750 came out, he was all over it because he wanted to get an amp that could put close to the amount of volume as the 400+ but would be much easy to transport for touring. Well, he went over to Boogie to test it out and was disappointed. His take was that for a 750 watt amp, it was pretty wimpy for Boogie standards. His and my thoughts are that Boogie amps are very conservatively rated, but he thought that this 750 didn't sound like it was 750 watts at all. Essentially the power portion of the BB750 is the same as the M-Pulse 600. The only difference is that the 750 goes down to 2ohms. So, I guess my point is that if you like a 400+, get the 400+ because the BB750 really isn't similar or comparable. I will say that I dig the preamp layout of the BB750, I just wished it was a bit bigger sounding.
  7. Well, if you're in Canada, there's a number of places to rent amps, most notably Long & McQuade. They carry a wide variety of gear, and have many locations. If you're in the States, then I wouldn't be the best person to ask where to rent gear. In any case, be prepared to pay if you want to rent anything high end, especially Ampeg or Mesa/Boogie. I paid $94 CAD for what I rented, for THREE DAYS. Good luck in your search, bro.

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    Jul 10, 2014
    Haha. Not even close. The 400+ will KILL that 750. Mr Mental up there must play faster than Flea and Les Claypool, as it was fast enough for them.
  9. chaosMK


    May 26, 2005
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    I'd go for the 400+ or a Titan.

    My understanding is that the BB750 doesnt really put out a ton of juice unless you run it at 4 ohms or even 2 ohm. The M-Pulse is a massive amp for 600w. Basically as much volume as you'd ever need.

    I recently put up my Titan for sale (buyer is lined up) in favor of holding on to my Bass 400 with 6550's and my D180. The Titan has tons of sweet tones and massive huge power, two channels, and OD on each channel but the 400/D180 have this certain unique voice that no other amp pulls off and that is "my" tone. I also use a Sansamp BDDI with my 400/D180 and that further expands the range of tones and also the nature of the response/feel of these amps.

    If you can, try cabs other than the PH1000. I like the 1000 but think their 10's cabs rock harder IMO.
  10. jeff62

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    Oct 24, 2005
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    Played both, owned a Titan. Now own a 400 (non plus). The 400 wins hands down.
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    Holy thread necromancy, batman!
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    The Big Block puts its 750 watts out at 2 ohms. If you don't need a ton of power and headroom, try a WalkAbout through a 4 ohm cab. I play in a metal band and run the WA through a Mesa PH 4x12 cab,it sounds fantastic.
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