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Mesa Heads

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RedGrange, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. RedGrange


    Jun 11, 2000
    Denver, CO
    Does anyone have an opinion on the new mesa heads.. the M-360 and M-600? They look really cool, and mesa always sounds good. I never could get into the 400+ because of horror stories i heard about replacing tubes.

    I'm definitely going to be a walkabout (the little 240 watt head) when it comes out (anyone know when that is?). But I want a more powerful head to play larger venues with.

    Thank you
  2. JimM


    Jan 13, 2000
    Northern California
    I tried one in the store.It had a nice thick tone.I didn't really crank it though.The parametric EQ controls overlap one another so you can really control your sound.
    When I got my Sunn 1200s a few months ago,I knew about the new Mesas,but I heard it might be a year or more and I didn't want to wait for one.glad I didn't because they seem somewhat overpriced and I don't gig enough to justify the expense.On the other hand,you are paying for the best reputation in the business as far as customer service goes.Nobody takes better care of their customers than Mesa if what I've heard on this forum and other places is true.Reliability should be at least as good as the competition.
  3. I had to replace the tubes in my 400+ once because of my dumb-ass drummer pal face planting it on the floor. Ok, he was trying to be helpful but really?! Many $$$ later I had an amp that sounded so incredibly good, I just couldn't believe it. that amp fell about 4 ft. to a concrete floor and required no maintenance beside the tube replacement to get it up and running. that is one well-built puppy in my opinion. The amp sounded so much better, I was not unhappy. Buy a 400+. Not many rigs will ever come close.
  4. killer B

    killer B

    Apr 18, 2000
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    I'd have to agree with The Mad Subwoofer, the MESA/Boogie 400+ just kicks major a$$!!!!! I find it very easy to get a great tone. It's pretty flexable too. I have had no reliabilty problems at all. I do however keep it in a MESA/Boogie shock mounted rack which I would highly reccomend. I've mess around with the M-pulse, and M-2000's in stores, and they were cool but to me the Bass 400+ just had more balls. I wouldn't let the tube thing scare you it is expensive to retube but if you take care of your head you only have to do this every few years. And the tone is so worth it, very phat and tons of punch.
  5. brewer9


    Jul 5, 2000
    I have a Mesa 400+ too and absolutely LOVE it to death!!! I cant say enough about how great it sounds and how durable it is. I doubt you'll need to change tubes very often. Their manual says every two years, but I hear you can even stretch that without problem.

    I've never heard the other Mesa amps you mentioned.
  6. RedGrange


    Jun 11, 2000
    Denver, CO
    Thrusday I'm making the trip up to the nearest store that sells them. I'm leaving there without my ashdown and with something else...

    another thought... I'm considering something radical... I want to get a mesa triax(?) guitar preamp, and then modify it to be used with bass frequencies (and I'll use a dry DI at the same time).. what do you think of that? Or should I just be normal and get a plain head.
  7. brewer9


    Jul 5, 2000
    I recommend just finding the head you like best and using it as is. I highhly doubt you can improve on the years of experience that Mesa has already put into it.
  8. Mesa actually told me that the triax mod was do-able and that it was something they had done before. They change a few resistors to move the freq. points around a bit to make it more bass freindly. I would just get a M-2000 if you are thinking fancy preamp-SS power amp combo. It is pretty darn flexible. I went the multi-preset preamp route and kicked myself later for wasting all that cash. I doubt it would ever sound as good as one of their intergrated designs. You don't need THAT many different sounds.....stompboxes are more fun for that anyway. You can get 5 different sounds w/ the M-2000: tube, SS, mix, tube graphic, SS graphic. Maybe even more? I don't know.
  9. youd need a gun to take my bass 400+ away from me.
  10. I must be the only guy in the U.S who owns one of the m-pulse heads.I love mine to death(m-pulse 600)..The m-2000 was way too much for me.I did'nt need two pre-amps.if your a plug and play guy like me than this is your beast.the semi-parametric e.q is bone crunching(be careful...it can make any speaker cry uncle) and the compressor is way more flexable than the m2000's.I too was scared of the tubes(not to mention the weight)of the 400+. m-pulse is the same power section as the m2000(simul-state)but more versatile(imo)so far there is not a sound I can't get from this amp.all mesa's are great amps but the m-pulse was right up my alley..simple and LOUD.I did a review on harmony central you can check out or if you like you can e mail me and I'll answer any questions you have....later
  11. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    The 400+ is my vote. I have not found anything in the price range with the simple but versitile operation to compare. Each to his own but to me TUBES RULE! Just take good care starting it up and shutting her down and your tubes should last a good long time. I want a second 400+
  12. LarryJ

    LarryJ banned

    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    I posted on this B4-
    For a downsized rig, w/ lots of headroom, I considered the Eden WT-400, the I-amp, the Clarus, & the notorious Walter Woods- I remembered Mesa, & checked out the WalkAbout-
    Great Head! I reviewed it on Bass Gear review-
    12 x12 x 3" - (2) 12AX7's give lots of phat rich
    sound- very well-designed 3-band parametric eq-
    LOUD like Mesa's, excellent headroom- I use it with a '69 P-Bass (very round & full) a Sterling- unbelievably snappy/crispy/pops like a cereal!& now with a fretless acoustic. I really dig this thing, & the service from Mesa has been great-
    I imagine the bigger M-Pulse heads kick that much more if you need the power.
    I'm getting a "gig-bag" built for this head (weighs 13lbs) so I'm good to go-
    LOTs of really good stuff out- Lots!
    I think though Mesa is sometimes overlooked for styles other than stadium rock- if so, a bad generalization, because this little unit is a real winner with great quality and a terrific tone- I would recommend it for any style.
  13. I'm a dyed in the wool Ampeg fan for many years. Two weeks ago my SWR back-up / rehearsal head died an untimely death. Never real thrilled with it anyway. I was in GC and noticed that they has a Mesa Buster head marked down. Thought it was used but turns out that it is a discontinued model. Anyway, I hooked it in to an Ampeg SVT 410 HLF cab (my regular cabinet) and plugged in a new Fender Jazz bass and let her rip.

    Wow - nice thick slabs of warm, tight bottom end, plenty of punch and detail. Instantly, I was in love. But then there's that tube thing - heavy, hot, expensive to replace. Turns out it uses 6L6's, not 6550's, which are much more expensive. Heas weighs about 35 lbs. (estimated) - about the same as my SVT III Pro rack with power conditioner and BBE. I think I'm sold, but it's a little more than my budget could tolerate. So, we sit down at the bargaining table.

    The guy's at this GC know me well - I've bought several basses, a cab and my SVT III from them, not to mention lot's of misc. stuff. They cut me an unbelievable deal - one that I could not refuse. So almost by accident, I'm a proud Mesa owner. I've gigged with it twice and rehearsed with it several times. It just works! And it must be the loudest 200 watt head I've ever heard.

    Moral of this story - if you are looking for a Mesa head with all tube circuitry, but found the 400+ pricey or more power than you need, head down to your GC and see if they have any of this discontinued model in stock. For the price of a Bassman 400 head or GK 700 RB you'll get a real tube bass head that outperforms anything close to it in price, IMHO.:)
  14. I am a Mesa agent, and sell all the Mesa range. I personally also favour the 400+ over any amp I've ever played, trouble is it's a bit heavy for my poor back. The M2000 is a good amp, but does'nt have the sweetness of the 400+ IMO. I have had one MPulse600 in, and I did'nt really like it much, too much dialing in required to get a halfway decent sound, and not as loud as the M2000 or 400+. However, a guy bought it and loves it, so it just goes to show.
  15. Hey Marty....Any idea how I can dial up my M-2000 so that it sounds more like my old 400+? I am running out of patience with this thing; it doesn't get any where near the sweet sound of my old tube beast. Suggestions...?
  16. Sorry man, I went and tried that, and I could not get the M2000 to sound like the 400+. The 400+ is the best amp I have ever played for B string sound, BTW.
  17. best customer service i ever experienced on anything ive ever bought, great amp, not as finicky as you may think, rather ,....built like a tank........go 400+ !!!
  18. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    I love the 400+ and many stories you hear about re-tubing are greatly exagerrated. See the thread about SVT re-tubing and read what Psycho Bass Guy has to say.

    I'll tell you how much I love the 400+: I own two of 'em. :D Nothing sounds quite like it running a couple of Mesa RR cabs with a good Fender. Fat, old-school bliss.
  19. My 400+ through the my two RR cabs was the finest, fullest bass tone ever. I ended up unloading that gear just because of the weight. That rig was soooooooooo heavy; ridiculously so. Of course, my new M-2000/Eden 2x12 setup weighs half as much and sounds half as good....you do the math. B-string sounded fantastic....deepest tone ever...why does my M-2000 sound so anemic in comparison?! I am going to try running my SWR IOD in parallel with the preamp; see if that improves the tone at all.
  20. I hear ya...Say; aren't the tone controls Fender based? Like, boost only? Maybe I should be cutting the mids dramatically on my M-2000 to emulate this tone stacking config?

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