Mesa M-PULSE 600, no output!

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    Mar 15, 2020
    I am getting no output out of my Mesa M-PULSE 600, not even a buzz from the cabinets. I've tried all of the usual switching cables (my old amp works fine with them) and also tried putting a patch cable between the effects loop (I saw that solution on the site) then I opened it up and took a look at the tubes to make sure they were not disconnected and no cigar, still no output. The amp powers up but the compressor light and the light all the way to the right do not come on even with everything maxed. I last used this amp around a month ago jamming with friends and it worked great as it always did. I packed it up in my car went home and didn't touch it again until today. Do you guys have any solutions? If it isn't something I can fix on my own what do repairs generally cost on these, I believe that it's worth repairing seeing how they go for around $600+ used and I love the sound of it, probably my favorite amp I've ever played. I stole it for $250 awhile ago so I am not too in the money with it. Let me know your guy's thoughts and solutions, it would be greatly appreciated since I don't really have a good backup amp.
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    These may still be repaired at the factory, or in a select number of authorized field service centers. If you give customer service a call on Monday, they can get you the necessary info.
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