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Mesa M-Pulse 600

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by thirdeye, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. I'm borrowing one of these for a couple of weeks to see if it's going to suit my needs.

    Just a few questions-

    I've got 2-8 ohm 4x10 cabs.
    Do I plug each cab into each separate output on the amp to get the full 625 watts.......or do I take one output from the amp into the first cab and daisy chain to the 2nd cab??

    With these amps being a reasonably new design,have there been any known teething problems arise?,like the SWR Mo'Bass seems to have had,well from what I've read.
  2. O yeah............My cabs are 600 watt each,am I likely to damage the speakers or the amp,what with running a 600 watt amp into 1200 watts?....or will the 2000 peak watts of the mesa use all that?
  3. You can hook the cabs up either way. I prefer to hook both to the amp though I'm not really sure why...

    Just don't run the amp into major clipping and you shouldn't hurt anything. Your load will be 4 ohms which is perfect for the M-600. It would be nice to have more power so you'd have more headroom, but when isn't more power nice.

    You're gonna luv the Mesa. Have fun.
  4. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    I was really looking into that amp and I gotta tell you that it has tons of Kick@$$ tone.

    I think you'll be happy with it.

    As far as hooking it up, Jon R got that covered. You're set!


  5. Yeah it's pretty pleasing so far,gives my RIC alot of mid grunt.

    Sounds like you didn't buy one in the end,care to say why?

    and thanks for the replys guys.
  6. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    I decided to go with an Eden Navigator preamp.

    Main reasons:

    1) Price- To push out 600 watts RMS with my Eden rig will cost a considerable amount less.

    I can probably manage to get a 900 Watt RMS QSC amp used from a friend for $200 or less, and that would bring the total cost to around $850-$900. Thats the price the local GC was selling the M-Pulse 300 for new.

    2) Sound- Even though the mesa tone is really really kick'n, I felt like the Eden was just a bit closer to what I wanted.

    That being said, I like the 5 band EQ on the Mesa more than the 3 band on the Eden, and their tone is pretty similar. Its almost like Mesa got the idea for the M-Pulse series from Eden. The Mesa does get better overdriven sounds out of it though. I still feel like the Eden fits me better.

    3) Reliability- They have 2 at guitar center, and both have problems.

    I have no doubt that they are solid products, but seeing two that dont work is a bit unsettling. One is used, and the other is a floor model.Both only have minor issues (the switch on the compressor is broken on one, and the switch on the solo is broken on the other), and I have no doubt it was caused by a bunch of crazy kids running around in there not knowing how to properly handle gear, but it still had its impact.

    Those are my reasons.

    I have a friend who bought a full Mesa rig with an M-Pulse 600 driving a 4-10 and 1-15, and he loves it. It has a really awesome sound. It doesnt give him any problems, and Im sure that if you take care of yours, you will be fine as well.


  7. What do you mean by "broken",was it that the switch was physically damaged or that it just didn't operate???

  8. I own a m-pulse 600, and I could'nt be happier.:D. this amp kicks major @$$..as far as reliability goes,don't worry...the things Nick man was talking about must be related to being floor models. I never had any problems with mine,and it's built very solid.(I got it Apr.'01).and Mesa has the best customer service in the business. I was going to get the Basis M 2000,but there were TOO many options.awsome amp,but I'm more "plug-n-play"...BTW,the only switch that will turn on the "boost" channel is on the footswitch. when the footswitch is not plugged in, the "boost" is off. the "boost" controll on the front panel will do nothing..
  9. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Just didnt operate. Im sure if you opened it up you would either see a loose wire, or a broken switch that would cost $0.50 to replace.


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