For Sale Mesa Powerhouse 115

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    8 ohms. 600 watts. Original speaker replaced two years ago with an Eminence Kappalite, so this cabinet is lighter than the original factory weight by about 10-15 lbs. Still has that rich, full tone you expect from a Mesa Powerhouse cabinet with a little bit less of the weight. Some scuffs on the front corner and minor cosmetic blemishes from gigging, but overall, the Tolex is in very good shape.

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  2. Datsgor

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    Will you offer shipping or is it a local sale only? Is shipping extra?
    How much does it weigh?
    Does it come with the removable castors?
  3. Hey there. I’d be willing to ship if perhaps we could add a little to the cost to cover some of the expense. It weight approximately 55 lbs. I do not have the casters for it unfortunately.
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