SOLD Mesa Powerhouse 2x12 600W 8ohm

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  1. Mastiff_5


    Mar 26, 2013
    MESA_STACK.JPG Mesa Engineering 600W / 8Ohm
    Powerhouse 2x12
    Gray Grill
    Cover & Casters included
    Shipping not included. Play, love and pick up in Bentonville AR, or arrange your own shipping.
    Hate to do this, this is, hands down my favorite cab ever, over my old beloved Bergantinos! Faster than a 15, Fuller than a 10... mmmmm, 2x12!!!
    Excellent shape, cover included. All corners, handles, etc are groovy. The cabinet is located at Meteor Guitar Gallery on the square in Bentonville AR. Play it, love it!
    You may PayPal, Venmo or CashAp me, and I'll have Les and the boys at Meteor release it to you.
    There is also a 2x10 Mesa Powerhouse stacked on it at Meteor, representing my full stack.
    I am willing to sell both, as a full stack, see my ad here on TB.
    (The GenzBenz is sold)

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