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Mesa Powerhouse 6x10 cab question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by klejst, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, I am turning to the faithful TB community for some help. Last night at band practice before the guitarists came down (were smoking outside) I turned on my rig and had a little warm up jam session with the drummer. It was going good and then I started to notice and hear a small static type sound. Thinking it was perhaps the extra drum kit's cymbals or snare that was sitting on next to my cab or something else rattling it. Well long story and search short I found the sound seems to be coming from the horn on my Mesa Powerhouse 6x10 cab (or whatever that small little speaker type thing is between the top two speakers). It is not too terribly loud and when I am playing with the rest of the band it is not noticeable at all really. I do not play at massively high volumes, just barely over a quarter turned up on my Peavey Tour 450 head. My question is does anyone know why it may be doing this? Is the horn going bad or is it suppose to make that noise? Also do I really need it? What are the benefits of having a horn anyways? Is there any way to shut the horn off or disable it? Seems like a lot of questions, but I am only cautious because we have a pretty decent sized gig this Wednesday night and do not want to blow it out or have any other things go major wrong. Plus I do not have the money to really fix anything major right now either. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always!
  2. I am surprised with all the Mesa related threads on here that no one has replied to this. Anyone help?
  3. 1st thing I'd check is the cord (or plug jacks if wireless to your bass), 2nd the cords to the cabs by wiggling them a little while a string/sound is ringing out from the bass and then I'd go from there... not sure if your up for this but when I checked out my powerhouse 1000 I un plugged each speaker inside by reaching in the ports and then plugged 1 in at a time while playing the bass to check each one just to be sure there was nothing happening...

    other folks here might have better ways but that worked for me.
  4. mikeswals

    mikeswals Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    Seattle / Tacoma
    Horns drive me nuts. I already have enough trebly high-end in my tone as it is. And, when a soundman mics up a cab at the show, the horn is never mic'd so that's pointless.
    I disconnected mine in my Powerhouse cab. Simply turning the dial down doesn't seem to shut it off completely. I unscrewed the control panel and unplugged the wire going to the horn.
  5. I called Mesa/Boogie and talked to a guy about the problem and he said that horn may just be going out and told me they are pretty cheap to replace and just connect to a few wires. He also said I could try to turn it down on the Player Control in the back and also I too have a head that provides me with enough and then some treble, so I could just disconnect the horn all together. I know some say horns are useless, does it not just add a little more "umph" to highs? I play in a original rock band with a pick so would I really be missing out on much if I do disconnect the horn?

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