No longer available Mesa Subway 112 - Local PU (DFW Tx)

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  1. p12bassnut


    Aug 27, 2009
    400 watts @ 8 ohms. Only 33 lbs.
    Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet 1x12 | MESA/Boogie®
    Local pickup only on this one. DFW metroplex. TX.
    Price is for the Cab only.
    Price is firm, no trade offers please.
    Prefer Paypal
    This is set up for vertical config. It can go back to Horizontal if desired. (cab designed to do this)
    I purchased this from a fellow TB'er and have only used it in home rehearsal space. It's in excellent working order, no issues, fully functional. Sounds excellent. I just decided to go a different direction.
    Has typical use scuff marks on corner protectors and a couple superficial marks on the top

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  2. Kukulkan61

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Northern Arizona
    Great Deal!!!!!
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