SOLD Mesa Subway D800+ - $675 shipped

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  1. CJL

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Selling a mint condition Mesa D800+ with the carrying bag and all paperwork. This amp has been barely used because I have 2, and this has been the backup.

    FROM THE MESA WEBSITE: The SUBWAY D-800+ addresses the player who wants enhanced frequency control and an interface for outboard signal processing. The upscale D-800+ preamp features expand upon the acclaimed D-800 by including a comprehensive EQ section with Semi-Parametric sweep-able LOW and HIGH MID Bands, the addition of a BRIGHT switch, an adjustable HIGH-PASS Filter with control from 30Hz to 150 Hz, and on the Rear Panel, a Series Effects Loop, Tuner Output and 1/4" MUTE footswitch jack.

    Mesa Subway High Pass Filter
    The D-800+ upgrades include an adjustable HIGH-PASS Filter that allows control over the sub-lows in your mix from 30Hz to 150 Hz to achieve the tightest response, most detailed articulation and maximum headroom in an ensemble scenario or large venue application.

    Selling for $675 shipped CONUS. PayPal is fine, and I can ship immediately.

    Thanks for looking!!

    722E3FF5-E5C2-4E32-8F94-F81559443932.jpeg E8937BD8-9E92-4EA8-9C5A-9C671B07F6FD.jpeg
  2. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Bump for my favorite amp on the block.
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