No longer available Mesa Walkabout 1x12 Scout Combo Amp

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Hello! For sale is a Mesa Walkabout 1x12 Scout Combo Amp. This amp has lived primarily in secure, non-smoking, rehearsal/recording environment. I have changed out the stock fan with a super quiet SilenX fan and swapped out the stock preamp tubes for a pair of Tung Sol gold pin 12AX7s. I can include the original fan and tubes if you like, and of course to cover comes with it as well. Absolutely perfect hybrid tone that is rich, lush and full of harmonic content. I am moving on to new adventures which is why this amp is for sale. I would prefer a local sale as I don't have the shipping carton (and I can meet up at a reasonable distance), but negotiable if we can work out a deal for shipping. Taking cash first or Paypal with a verified address. Thanks!

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