SOLD Mesa Walkabout amp in enclosure + 15" Scout cabinet

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    15" Scout cabinet is SOLD and gone.

    Still have the amp. I may consider selling the enclosure separate from the amp if there is interest. Will re-list at a later date. Thank you.

    IMG_7736.JPG IMG_7737.JPG IMG_7738.JPG IMG_7739.JPG IMG_7740.JPG IMG_7741.JPG IMG_7742.JPG IMG_7743.JPG Mesa Walkabout amp in factory enclosure + 15" Scout cabinet for sale or trade for same 12" combo + cash.

    Downsizing (moving) and do not have space in my studio which is about 1/4 of the size of what I have now.

    Never gigged or taken out of my smoke free/pet free living room. Great condition, original owner. I have the manual and packaging from the amp but not for the cabinet. Also includes speaker cable and original Mesa canvas amp cover.

    The Scout cabinet looks similar to the 15" version of the combo from the front but has the handle on the side.

    As for trades, I would consider a 12" combo walkabout + cash if somebody is looking to trade out/up to a 15".

    I would also consider trade for a pair of Yamaha HS monitors + equiv of cash.

    Might ship but would prefer meeting in person and will drive up to 90 mins to meet 1/2 way.

    Thank you. Michael.
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