SOLD Mesa Walkabout Head Price Drop!

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  1. Price:
    987E1FC7-E28A-49DE-AD43-7E436DABE5EC.jpeg 987E1FC7-E28A-49DE-AD43-7E436DABE5EC.jpeg 410A718A-0035-48EB-B78A-04F28E88176A.jpeg 49AA83FB-8803-4ED9-9D3C-419C39366E3C.jpeg AB54880B-3DCF-4EBE-9EAB-AE68C2D6E2C4.jpeg
    Mesa walkabout head in great condition. Very light rack rash on bottom. Comes with Mesa bag (doesn’t have shoulder strap). Sounds wonderful, just not what I need right now. I’m more of a class D guy. The only trade I would consider is a Mesa Subway 800 or 800+ head. Paypal only, shipping CONUS included.
    I’m in Colorado Springs, so if you’re fairly local, we can meet up.
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  2. Priced dropped to $600 shipped to CONUS! I’ve had some trade offers, but none of them were what I’m looking for (Mesa d800).
  3. Pending sale!
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