SOLD Mesa Walkabout Scout 12" Combo - Black Tolex

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    Mesa Walkabout 12" combo in great shape. The head is the silverface with black version which has the active and passive switch. The combo/cab has the 8ohm 12" speaker and has black tolex. Everything is in top notch shape and it includes the mesa cover. The only issue (which I didn't even notice until I started taking photos) is that the thread on the handle is pulling out a bit on one side. Common on these as I had another one with the same thing happening. $775 shipped in the US. We can work a better deal if you can pickup (I am in Harrisburg, PA).





    More/better pictures added later.
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    I'm curious if you'd consider selling the cabinet separately. I already have a Walkabout but might be interested in adding another scout cab.

    Does the thread coming out on the handle affect carrying it?
  4. I didn't even know that the thread was coming out until I saw it in the pictures and took a closer look. There are no issues at all with the functionality of the handle. I might consider selling it by itself. Shoot me a PM.
  5. Cab on hold pending payment

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