SOLD Mesa Walkabout Scout 15" Combo or Cabinet

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    One of the best combos made. Ask anyone who has played one. I present a Walkabout Scout in very good condition. I bought it new in 2012 and never had an issue with it. Tube preamp, 300 watts at 4 ohms, the cabinet has the 4 ohm 15" speaker with 10" passive radiator and moves some serious air! The head can be removed to use on its own. It is a versatile, compact, plug and play gigging solution. The wheels were removed from the bottom but it does in no way affect the sound of the cabinet. I can include them if you want. Mesa quality, build and tone are second to none.

    Includes dust cover. BTW, the cab alone weighs 45 lbs.

    I will sell just the cabinet for $350 or the combo including the Walkabout head for $900.

    No SHIPPING - Local Sale Only

    I am willing to travel within one hour of Worcester, MA including Boston, Providence, Nashua, Springfield and Hartford.

    Not interested in selling the head separately. No trades please.

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  2. MycooLeeyun


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    Let me know if you decide to sell just the head!
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  3. two fingers

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    Any of you guys who just picked up a WD800 I believe they fit in these.

    I run a 15" Walkabout Scout combo by itself or with a matching extension cab (yes, at 2 ohms just fine). These are ridiculously good as a combo amp. Usually if I run the stack it's just for looks. :D The combo by itself puts out some serious thump.

    Good luck with it.
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  4. Yes you are correct! The WD800 fits perfectly in the cabinet, it is just a little shallow in the back. And you are right, this is a single cab solution that thumps. Besides that, they are no longer made and this gets the full 300 watts out of the walkabout head. Thanks for the kind words.

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    Great cab!
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  6. I haven’t but I bet it would sound very thick and gooey!
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  7. lowEndRick


    Apr 8, 2006
    What's the weight on this cab?
  8. The cab weighs 45.6 LBS
  9. terlewine

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    PM sent
  10. I'm gigging this tomorrow night. Going to swap in my old Telefunken tube in the preamp and see if I don't fall in love with this baby all over...
  11. Sounded awesome with the telefunken in it. Not that harsh, unpleasant breakup I was used to with the stock tubes. Taking it off the block for now and in no hurry to sell it.

    Swapped a West German Telefunken ECC83 in V1 and a USA Silvertone 12AX7A in V2
  12. Sold locally.