SOLD Mesa WD-800 Bass Amp - Mint

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    Like new (few months old) Mesa WD-800 amp that has never left my home practice studio. Comes with all accessories like new.

    This is an awesome amp, but I have too much gear and need to let a few things go.

    Price includes shipment within US.

    Mesa Subway 115
    Fender US 4-string P bass

    18C30FE1-071E-4EF4-9BCC-201B934F8800.jpeg C99F523E-6889-408E-B76D-BA669E03573D.jpeg 6F1A4AC9-77A1-4C4D-8F4D-87A73EADE3CC.jpeg C8072562-94C8-4761-9819-9A69E78BF0A7.jpeg
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  2. I have an American p bass in excellent condition. Burst with ohc. Two pickguards. Stock pickups and bill Lawrence pickups. Interested?
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