SOLD Mesa WD800 bass amp wd-800

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    Nov 9, 2010
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    I just bought this but some family issues have come up and I have to sell it.

    It is a great player, but I need the money more.

    Excellent shape, amp born on 2/27/19.

    Here is the thread I got from:
    SOLD - Mesa WD-800 Bass Amp - Mint

    $850 shipped.

    1E779B14-937C-42A2-A3E3-370050E0A93D.jpeg FC47DDDE-B06D-4B1B-8471-FC69BA01B347.jpeg 52E69BBE-28A0-4886-99A1-633CDDDCBE03.jpeg 3F5C68FB-9D7A-49DB-908F-DE9C7DB296E7.jpeg
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